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Severe Peeling Around Mouth, What Could This Be, And What Treatment Options Are There? (photo)

Hi there, i was wondering if i could get an opinion on the condition of my skin? i have severe dry and flaking skin around my mouth /chin area and... READ MORE

Skin Care for Flaky, Dry and Irritated Skin?

I'm 25 and I've always had really sensitive skin and at times very very dry especially in the winter. In the summer I'm in the sun and have no zits,... READ MORE

I have dry, flaking skin above eyebrow. Can I use Hydrocortisone cream or ointment for say a week or two?

Have tried various creams , but no ongoing solution. Can I use Hydrocortisone cream or ointment for say a week or two. Which would be best cr. or... READ MORE

How Do I Treat my Oily, but Flaky Skin?

I have oily skin but the tip of my nose is flaky. How do I treat the dryness without clogging my oily pores? READ MORE

I have flaky, sticky layer on my face due to moisturizing creams and its been there 5 months. How to get rid of it? (photo

I have a sticky and flaky layer on my face that didint go away for 6 moths i exfoliate with syslic acid- soap because i thought its from using too... READ MORE

Every time I wash my face, it becomes dry. Any suggestions?

I wanna know why everytime i wash my face , he become dry , flaky and oily after I wash with mild soap but still dry I tried everysoap , cerave , dove... READ MORE

What's causing me to get papules and whiteheads along with very dry flaky skin and very red irritated skin on my face?

My face is extremely dry and sensitive and cheeks and chin break out with papules and whiteheads and gets very red. I'm 32 and never had an issue with... READ MORE

The skin above my upper lip has been red for about 6months, desperate for help! (Photo)

My skin above my upper lip is red and a little flaky, I've been trying a lot of different medical creams but nothing helps. Such as cortison and... READ MORE

Best skin care routine for very dry, flaky, red skin? (photo)

The skin on my face is very dry, red and blotchy. I don't know what is wrong with it or how to treat it. I got a really bad sun burn on my face in... READ MORE

The skin around my mouth turns white & feels tight and looks flaky when no moisturizer has been applied. Any suggestion? (photo)

When I wash my face the skin around my mouth gets really dry and begins to turn white before any moisturiser is applied, it sometimes stings when a... READ MORE

74 with osteoarthritis, why is my skin dry and flaky?

My body hurts all over and my skin is like dust or small dry patches all over. READ MORE

Having Strange Skin Rashes No One Can Diagnose?

After having my son 3 yrs ago i noticed small rashes on the underside of my arm, and side if my torso, i was given creams by Docs and didnt' seem... READ MORE

I have dry skin next to my mouth. It gets dry after I take a shower and flakes come out, it burns. What could it be? (photo)

It's not red, it looks like a rash of some sort, it itches and burns when I try to eat, the skin seems to be peeling. I don't think it's peromial... READ MORE

What are these mini bumps on my face and how do I get rid of them? (photo)

I have these light red bumps all over my cheeks. They don't itch but don't look pleasing-especially under florescent light. My skin is dry but gets... READ MORE

The past 2 months I've had a circular red spot on my chin that is usually flaky in the morning & red throughout the day. (photo)

I have a skin rash on my chin that is red and the skin is flaky. It's gotten very slightly better in the last week. It doesn't itch, hurt, or have any... READ MORE

How to heal extremely dry skin in bikini area?

I used bikini zone hair red bump remover gel and didn't know I had to rinse it off. It was left on at least 24 hours. Now my skin is extremely dry,... READ MORE

I have extremely dry, flaky, scaly skin on my sides and across my ribcage, how do I make it go away?? (photos)

I've had this ever since I was about 15 maybe, I'm 20 now. No lotions seem to help? The effected area on just my ribcage and upper tummy sometimes is... READ MORE

Dry flaky skin. How can I get rid of this problem? (Photo)

Hi Im 16 and suffer from really bad dry, flaky skin all over my body. I have had this problem for about a year now and is really putting me down. I... READ MORE

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