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Crepey Eyelid Skin Help

I have crepey, loose skin in my eye area, mostly on my eyelids.  I wonder if having a blepharoplasty can fix the crepey skin problem. Are there... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Dennie Morgan Folds on a 24 Year Old?

I have Dennie Morgan Folds under my eyes and above my eyes. Is there anyway to get rid of these? I am 24 yrs old and I don't want to have surgery.... READ MORE

Cost of Milia Extraction on Eyelids?

I have milia on both my upper and lower eyelids. They have been there for 10 years now. What would be the cost of extracting them, since health... READ MORE

Slightly Crepy Upper Eyelids

I am 67, look really good, could pass easily for 50.. olive skin tone and very clear skin with very little sagging. My upper eyelids are crepy, not... READ MORE

Is This Eyelid Eczema? It Hurts.

Hello doctors, i have had this for a long time.i am always in pain because of this.i have tried from pure aloe vera to vaseline.i applied aquaphor and... READ MORE

Is it actually milia? What should I do about it?

I've had this milia like bump on my eyelid for just about 4 years. Its a small white bump that's hard and cannot be pushed through the skin without... READ MORE

What are the gold colored patches on my eyelids? (photos)

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I had these patches appear on my eyelids and up until now I have not given them any thought, they are not spots,... READ MORE

What are my treatment options for diminishing the freckles on my eyelids? (Photo)

Are lasers safe to use on the eyelid? Are there only certain plastic surgeons and/or dermatologists that are okay with using lasers on the eyelid for... READ MORE

How can I treat milia on my upper lip and eye lid? (Photo)

Like a small white ball apper on upper lip and eyelid since 5 month READ MORE

I am wondering why I am getting flakes on the top of my eyelids, where the eyelashes are meeting my eyelid?

It is only happening really on one eye, but it appears to be dry skin that is flaking. I am having trouble removing these flakes and I am wondering... READ MORE

What are these verical lines that run from inner eyelid and all the way down cheek? (Photo)

What are these lines? I only see them in the bright daylight. I see a lot of celebrities in their twenties have them too, like the attached photo. You... READ MORE

I have a white bump on one of my eyelids. I've done my research and it seems to be milia. How do I get rid of it? (photo)

I wear make up as well so that might have something to do with it. Would it be okay to try and pluck one hair near the bump? READ MORE

How to remove a milia in eyelids (photo)

Actually the my milia is very near in my eyes READ MORE

Skin ability to stretch in the eyelid area. Any suggestions?

I recently got a massage and the lady tugged the eyelids with her thumbs horizontally from the bridge of my nose and outwards to my temples incredibly... READ MORE

Why did my face get a million little bumps and my eyelids are super dry? (Photo)

The other day I was at the airport and I got extremely hot and every now and then my face will get really hot and red but it only happens when the... READ MORE

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