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Skin Care for Flaky, Dry and Irritated Skin?

I'm 25 and I've always had really sensitive skin and at times very very dry especially in the winter. In the summer I'm in the sun and have no zits,... READ MORE

How to get rid of my strawberry legs? (Photo)

I am a dancer and alot of the time i have to get my legs out and wear shorts but i am really self conscious and it looks like i never shaved my legs.... READ MORE

Exfoliating Cream Safe on Eye Area?

Can you use creams or lotions with 8% glycolic acid on the eye area? READ MORE

How Effective is the Clarisonic Brush?

Does it exfoliate? Does it prevent clogged pores? Is there anyone who should not use it or any condition it could make worse? I think it would be... READ MORE

I have flaky, sticky layer on my face due to moisturizing creams and its been there 5 months. How to get rid of it? (photo

I have a sticky and flaky layer on my face that didint go away for 6 moths i exfoliate with syslic acid- soap because i thought its from using too... READ MORE

How do I get rid of my strawberry legs? (photos)

So I've had this problem for years. Picture a strawberry, and that's what my legs look like.Basically, there are lot of ingrown hairs. I've tried... READ MORE

I've had small bumps on my forehead and chin for months. There is nothing in them. What can I do? (Photo)

When I do my facials they just turn into scabs and come back. I try exfoliating and it does make them flatter but they are still there. What should I do?? READ MORE

I damaged my skin while trying to remove blackheads by scrubbing & now I'm scarred. Any home remedies? Exfoliation? (Photo)

I followed a method that I found on the internet to remove blackheads on my nose which was to gently scrub the spot with some toothpaste using an old,... READ MORE

I used cortisone for a year on my face and now I have blood vessels, redness, and blemishes all over (Photo)

When i consolted a doctor he sad the only way to fix that is with vracsal laser (PDL) is that true ? iI've tried saveral anti biotics like doxydar,... READ MORE

How long till raw skin on nose heals? (Photo)

How long will it take skin on the nose to heel. Exfoliated and a layer came off. READ MORE

How do I get flawless skin? What skin care routines should I be undergoing? I'm only 21 (Photo)

I use philosophy cleanser and exfoliater.I have really puffy eyes & dry skin. Also red little bumps. READ MORE

Is It Okay to Use Clarisonic with AHA 10% and Retin A .1% ? (photo)

I am 24 years old and since last year I've been working on perfecting my age prevention regimen. I apply AHA 10% cream every other night, Retin A ... READ MORE

Can you apply toner and vitamin C serum on the face at the same time?

Vitamin C serum is expensive. A thought to try to make serum last longer, could I soak an exfoliating pad with a toner (I use a liberal amount of... READ MORE

I have plenty of red spots on my legs before and after waxing. Any suggestions?

I always use sugar paste to remove hair... i never shaved.... i used sugar paste since i was 13 and results were marvelous i had smooth and shiny legs... READ MORE

Making dark breast peach fuzz less visible?

I'm very pale and I have, on my breasts, small but dark peach fuzz. Some of them are trapped under a small off white or light brownish waxy soft... READ MORE

Can I Use Avon Anew Peels After Using Merle Norman Exfoliator?

Can i use a merle norman exfolaitor wash and then avon anew peel pads right after READ MORE

Dry flaky skin. How can I get rid of this problem? (Photo)

Hi Im 16 and suffer from really bad dry, flaky skin all over my body. I have had this problem for about a year now and is really putting me down. I... READ MORE

How can I remove blackheads and enlarged pores effectively? (Photo)

My nose is covered in blackheads and some spots on my chin with them. My pores on my cheeks are my main concern. Nothing I use minimizes them even a... READ MORE

Can I Use an Exfoliator After Taking Sotret?

Its been just a week that i hav stopped taking sotret but i am having brekouts so i bought clinque anti blemishes solution foam cleanser, mosterizer... READ MORE

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