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How Should I Care for Oily, Dry Skin?

I have combination skin that is dry and oily. Which products or product ingredients do you recommend for this skin type? READ MORE

Severe Peeling Around Mouth, What Could This Be, And What Treatment Options Are There? (photo)

Hi there, i was wondering if i could get an opinion on the condition of my skin? i have severe dry and flaking skin around my mouth /chin area and... READ MORE

Past Two Days I Am Using Tretinoin Cream, I Got Dryness, Skin Peeling, Should I Discontinue?

Past two days i am using tretinoin cream usp(tretin 0.025%)suggested by dermotologist. i got dryness, skin peeling on my chin. shall i continue or... READ MORE

Why is There Alcohol in Face Creams?

We are always told to stay away from alcohol, because it dries out the skin - whether we drink it or put it right on our faces, it most definitely... READ MORE

Best Winter Skin Moisturizer

I'm looking for a skin moisturizer to use during winter months that will help my dry skin without clogging my pores. A moisturizer with an... READ MORE

I'm only 19 and my face looks like I'm on my late 20's. What can I do? (photos)

I'm looking on something to protect my face I sleep about 7 hours at most and my face is either too oily or to dry. Also Im already seeing some... READ MORE

How Should I Care for Itchy Dry Skin?

Help needed for dry, itchy, miserably uncomfortable skin! moisturizers?? essential oils? i am a female, mid 40's READ MORE

Does Swimming in a Pool Cause Dry Skin?

Is there anything that can be done to reduce skin dryness from chlorine in a pool?  READ MORE

How to get my 21 year old skin to look youthful again? (photos)

I am 21 years old and have fair skin with lots of freckles, I sleep on my right side and have shallow lines from where my face crinkles, I also have... READ MORE

Skin Care for Flaky, Dry and Irritated Skin?

I'm 25 and I've always had really sensitive skin and at times very very dry especially in the winter. In the summer I'm in the sun and have no zits,... READ MORE

Creams for Skin Dryness and is Ponds Safe?

My skin has been really dry and i started to use PONDS creme and it made my skin red and itchy. what kind of creme is best for skin dryness?? and... READ MORE

I have dry, flaking skin above eyebrow. Can I use Hydrocortisone cream or ointment for say a week or two?

Have tried various creams , but no ongoing solution. Can I use Hydrocortisone cream or ointment for say a week or two. Which would be best cr. or... READ MORE

Lighter Spots Around my Nose and Mouth are Painful and Spreading

I am stressed alot and I do be in the sun alot but i havent had any problems before. its starting to spread and is really dry. It gets achy when i... READ MORE

Do You Change Your Skin Care Products by Season?

With Fall or Spring do you change your skincare regimen or products? Is this advantageous over using the same line all year? READ MORE

I Am Having Extremely Dry Lips and Skin Around Mouth. Please Suggest a Way out to Get Rid off It?

Hi! I am 29 years old. Due to acne my Dr has prescribed me to take Isotretinoin. But my lips and skin especially around mouth is getting extremely dry... READ MORE

Moisture Creams to Help when at a High Desert Area?

My wife will be moving from a near zero altitude to my home in Western Colorado which is considered to be a high desert area; what are some good ways... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these rough tiny bumps all over my face and get clear, smooth skin?

I'm 22 years old and I have dry combination skin, not acne prone. I've been having these tiny bumps all over my face that make my skin looks rough for... READ MORE

Dried, Dark Scab on Lower Lip

I dried out my lower lip with a particular brand of toothpaste and retinol, now theres a dried darkened scab like area on my lower lip. I've... READ MORE

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