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Removal of a Dermatofibroma Behind Knee (Insect Bite)

I've dermatofibroma behind my knee, got it from insect bite,doesn't hurt, but itches alot. My dermatologist said I can have it removed, but itll leave... READ MORE

Syringoma Treatment in and Around San Francisco?

I have suffered from Syringoma around my eye for more than 15 years. I want to get them treated. I understand that they may reappear . Any good... READ MORE

I Was Diagnosed with Miliary Osteoma and Was Told I Need an Aesthetician to for the Calcified Facial Bumps? (photo)

What's the best way to go about finding the right person with experience in removing these calcifications without getting scars . I also woul like to... READ MORE

Doctor recommendation that specializes in darker skinned women, hyper pigmentation, skin tightening and facial fillers? (photo)

I seen many darker skin women attempt to get peels only to come out worse from when they started. I've seen burns as well. I would like to get a good... READ MORE

I am looking for a dermatologist with experience in the successful treatment of syringoma in North Carolina.

I was diagnosed with syringoma by a dermatologist after a biopsy, but she was unable to provide treatment. I have many bumps and continue to get more.... READ MORE

Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for Dilated Pore Excision?

I had (what was supposedly) a dilated pore removed by a plastic surgeon a few years ago. The area looked great for the first year, but I've been... READ MORE

Houston Doctor Who Can Help with Severe Rosacea?

I have the worst case of rosacea and no one has been able to help me. I need to find a doctor who really knows a lot about rosacea and all the... READ MORE

I have acanthosis nigrican around my neck. Any recommendation for who can help me with my skin condition in South Africa?

My name is Nik and I have acanthosis nigrican around my neck and a bit on my belly button and I am looking for a doctor who can help me with my skin... READ MORE

Is there a dermatologist or doctor in the Dominican Republic who can help me get my the skin back and life back? (Photo)

My skin changed about 3 years ago when I had a reaction to my skin. It made my hands very scaly and dry and red. Is there any sort of treatment which... READ MORE

Any recommendation for a doctor in the Bay Area with experience and proven success in the treatment of syringoma?

I'm Asian and have skin-colored syringomas concentrated mostly in the areas under my eyes. I like to know what will be the recommended treatment and... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Quality Permanent Cosmetic Technician in my Area?

I see the ads in the paper, or online, but where can I get honest feedback about who is good and who to stay away from? READ MORE

Is Dr. Obagi's anti-moisturizing theory a good way to thicken thinning skin?

I've read that Dr. Obagi believes moisturizers thin and age the skin because they make your own skin cells become lazy. I'm 44 and my skin is... READ MORE

What kind of doctor should I see? Dermatologist or plastic surgeon?

57 and its time to something about my face! (And hands and arms) I'll post photos tonight... I have terrible sun damage on my face. I'm very fair... READ MORE

Can someone recommend an experienced dermatologist in durham north carolina for me?

I need someone experienced to give me a treatment plan for my skincare. I need a cleanser, toner and exfoliater and I have tried vanicream and... READ MORE

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