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How to Get Rid of Bad Discoloration, Dark Brown Dots and Scarring From Shaving Legs?

Ever since I started shaving, my pores would become inflamed and i would have extreme itchiness. But now it's stopped and I have no after effects... READ MORE

Yellowish Discoloration Around Lips: Are There Any Treatments for This?

Hello, I have a slight yellowish discoloration around my lips for years. It's <1 inch in every direction around the lips (slightly worse above)... READ MORE

What do Doctors here think of the Plexr Plasma machine currently being used in Europe?

They appear to be using it to repair skin related issues in specific areas. Do you think there could be a skin discoloration problem? READ MORE

I am 43 years old women. I have sun damaged hands and face. What treatment would you recommend?

I am 43 years old women. I have sun damaged hands and face. Disclarisation and black and white spots. I am a black falw. What ca I do to treat my... READ MORE

I would like a consultation or recommendation for my facial skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 52 years old and used to have great skin. I only noticed my skin aging (discoloration/fine lines around my eyes), at about age 50. I paid for CO2... READ MORE

How to fade lip discoloration? (Photo)

How do you get rid of lip discoloration? I started noticing a change in color on my bottom lip shortly after I started wearing lipstick that I have... READ MORE

What do I need to do to get rid of the discoloration and the parentheses around mouth area? (photos)

Please tell me what I need to do to get rid of the discolored patches on my face and how to get rid of the parentheses around my mouth..I've used the... READ MORE

What is this on my face? And how do I get it to go away? (Photo)

I am 37 years old and this discoloration started about 10 years ago . I have had a chemical peel which did nothing and also used Retin-a micro for... READ MORE

What's the best way to get rid of these dark spots? (Photo)

I have dark spots on what I would consider the "Kunckle" area of my feet and I was wondering is there any way to fade it? I know it's not cancer or... READ MORE

Help! Face discoloration is ruining my life!

I have so much discoloration on my face! Help I have tried EVERYTHING! Peels, IPL, lightening creams, obaji. I have spent so much $$$. I always wear... READ MORE

What can be done to take away this awful skin discoloration? (Photo)

I started getting these brown spots about a year ago first on my forehead and now all the way down my neck. What can I do for these. I once had nice... READ MORE

I have blotchy discolored skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

For the last couple years or so I've had dis colored blotchy skin on stomach and back does not itch and its not dry just discolored. I've also tried... READ MORE

I'm tired of my skin! What can I do to even out my skin tone?

My skin is super sensitive. I don't have major acne but I do get little pimples every once in a while. I would say my major problem is discoloration... READ MORE

I am African American with discoloration around my forehead, temples and cheeks. What can be done to treat this? (photo)

I am an african american woman, 54 years old. Lately I have noticed that my skin is significantly darker around my forehead, temples and cheeks. Could... READ MORE

Ringworm turned into discoloration. How do I get my face back to normal? (Photo)

I have ringworm on my face and I've been using an antifungal cream for about 3 weeks now but now I have discoloartion on my face. I don't know if the... READ MORE

Can long term steroid use heal over time? I'm so worried (Photo)

Hi I'm a 18 year old brown male and since age 5 I've had eczema at age 10 I was prescribed the drug that ruined my life I think yes you guessed right... READ MORE

Treatment for discoloration in laugh lines and directly under lip from licking lips as a child? (Photo)

Noticed smile line discoloration in high school . Under my lip has been there since I was 8/10, I licked my lips a lot as a child. I'm familiar with... READ MORE

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