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Best Way to Reduce Severe Dark Eye Circles?

I am 27 years old and have severe dark circles around my eyes. I think its genetic and due to thinning of the skin. It's very dark...Is there any... READ MORE

How Can I Cover Up Dark Undereye Circles?

Any good concealer tips for dark under eye circles? READ MORE

Is StriVectin Really Effective?

Is StriVectin really an effective dark circle treatment? Mine are really bad, and I'm a health nut so I dont prefer applying a bunch of products... READ MORE

Will HA Fillers Accentuate Undereye Darkness?

If I have a slight blueish appearance under my eyes, will hyaluronic fillers accentuate that, even if injected deeply? I'm considering this to... READ MORE

What Should my Regimen Include to Fix These Skin Issues I'm Having? (photo)

What would be the ideal skin care regimen to treat this monstrosity that is my skin? As you can see from the pictures I have post-inflammatory... READ MORE

Is Hydroquinone + Almond Oil a Good Regimen for Dark Circles?

Every doctor that I consult (9 so far) recommends that I use hydroquinone to lighten my dark circles. Online research also shows that almond oil is a... READ MORE

What ingredients should I look for in a night cream, eye cream and serum for a complete night skin care regimen?

I am 27. Indian origin. combination (towards dry) skin. Uneven skin tone. Dark circles and sometimes puffy eyes. I was doing some research on what... READ MORE

Im 18 yrs old and I used to have a beautiful baby skin but it's started to look tired. Is my skin care routine enough?

My skin routine is simple, I use dead sea scrubs for exfoliating & a (c-derm day cream with spf 25) if necessarily I use toner and cleanser from... READ MORE

What's the best way to cure my skin of pimples?

My skin is fair. Before few months ago my face was good, pimple free and not having any black spot but from 2 to 3 months my face having pimples and... READ MORE

I have dark lines on the side of my nose. I am not sure where they come from. Can you recommend anything to remove them? (photo)

Hello, Newbie from Chicago and wanted to get some tips from people who take care of their skin more religiously.These dark lines go towards the tip of... READ MORE

Why has my skin made a drastic change in the past couple months? What can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I am only 23 and in the past month or so my skin has aged drastically. The pores on my forehead, cheeks, and nose are now very noticeable, before I... READ MORE

I'm only 21. A year ago I back from Korea (was there for 6 months) and my skin became sensitive and thin.

1. I always had a deep and small pores, but now it'sworse. I've tried everything to clean them, but it didn't work. Now I have blackheads even between... READ MORE

How to get skin clear, naturally? (Photo)

I see dark circle & whitehead. Want to know how to get that cleared READ MORE

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