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Sebaceous Cysts on Scrotum

I've been diagnosed with sebaceous cysts on my scrotum skin (18). 2 of them are medium, and the rest are tiny. None are infected. My doc wants to... READ MORE

How Much Does Cosmetic Cyst Removal Cost?

How much does it generally cosr for removal of cyst, because in Canada it is considered cosmetic? READ MORE

How Can I Treat Sebanceous Cysts?

In the last 3 years these cysts have gotten so bad I always end up in the hospital and surgery. I have seen almost every kind of doctor & they all... READ MORE

Can I get my sebaceous cyst removed with no scarring?

I have a sebaceous skin cyst on the left cheek of my face, around the size of a pea. I need to get it removed, but I don't want any scarring. Is there... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost Me to Remove a Milia?

I have 1 mm diameter of milia in my face. Its beside my nose and i wanna get rid of it since its noticeable. READ MORE

How Can I Tell if I Have a Cyst?

I Have a small bump on the middle of my nose, which I have had for years now. It was quite big but it is getting smaller and I know it isn't... READ MORE

Efudex or Aldara on Skin Cysts - Would It Be Safe and Would It Work?

I have a dermatofibroma on my arm that I would like to get rid of and wondered whether this treatment would work (without the scarring). I know my... READ MORE

How much would it cost to have a pea sized cyst on face removed? (photos)

I have a pea sized cyst on my cheek bone, about an inch under my left eye. I have took a needle to it before and oil came out, it went down a little... READ MORE

Pilonidal cyst, should I do the operation/surgery or should I wait? (photos)

Pilonidal cyst, should i do the operation or should i wait? Or should just clean it? I have sent you the picture :) READ MORE

I think I have a cyst above my cheekbone, how do I know for sure? and how can I get rid of it? (photos)

At first I thought it was a pimple that hadn't surfaced yet, but its been days since I noticed &its still a lump on my face. I looked up different... READ MORE

How much does it cost for cyst removal?

My bf has a cyst on the side of his nose. It's about 3/4 of an inch wide. He has had it since he was a child. How much would it cost to remove? READ MORE

Is it okay to smoke with a mucous cyst?

I have a mucous cyst on my lower inner lip from the past 3 weeks now and I smoke only at parties... So I was wondering if it's okay to smoke and drink... READ MORE

I'm a female who is prone to getting cysts &angiomas on my pubic region.I know they're medically harmless, but unsightly.(photo)

I saw online that cortisol injections might work. What are your thoughts? Would you recommend cortisol cream? READ MORE

I had surgery on neck for cyst removal with stitches. After removing the dressing it is swollen and yellow. Is it normal?

Well, since i removed the dissolvable stitches after 2 days, as in instructed, i had seen that the skin around it is yellow and also a bit swollen..... READ MORE

I have Milia Cysts on my forehead, cheeks, and back. What causes them exactly? Do food & makeup affect them? (photos)

A couple of months ago, all over my forehead, behind the cheeks, & some on the back. Tiny, hard, & many. What causes them exactly? Do food & makeup... READ MORE

Is it possible to improve the appearance of pilonidal scarring from more than 15 years ago? (photos)

Is it still possible to have a normal natal crease? It is possible to reconstruct the inter-gluteal cleft/natal cleft for cosmetic reasons after... READ MORE

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