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Crepey Eyelid Skin Help

I have crepey, loose skin in my eye area, mostly on my eyelids.  I wonder if having a blepharoplasty can fix the crepey skin problem. Are there... READ MORE

Slightly Crepy Upper Eyelids

I am 67, look really good, could pass easily for 50.. olive skin tone and very clear skin with very little sagging. My upper eyelids are crepy, not... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Deal with Loose Crepey Skin in the Lower Neck Area?

I have had upper neck lift /lower face lift but the skin further down the neck is still loose and old looking and my neck and face now do not match. READ MORE

What treatments can help thin crepey under eye skin?

My skin under my eyes is very thin and crepy. I heard emu oil and strivectin sd eye cream can help. I'm desperate as I'm in my early 30s and don't... READ MORE

Vitamin A for the eye (Photo)

I've started using vitamin a under my eyes. Since I now have crepiness under my eye. What am I doing wrong? I use it twice a day. The skin around my... READ MORE

Crepey skin under eye area. Night treatments?

I Think I have a pretty good regimen a serious skincare. Also eating well, sunscreen and lots of water. I'm Norwegian, so the eye area has always been... READ MORE

Fine lines on arms and legs. What is the reason? Any treatment? (Photo)

I am a 29-year-old female. I have numerous fine criss crossed lines on my legs and forearms. The skin on other parts of the body such as upper arms... READ MORE

How Effective is EMax Treatment for the Neck?

My dermatologist has recommended eMax treatment for my neck which is getting crepey and has horizontal lines. I'm worried because I've had an... READ MORE

Will my Loose and Crepey Eyelid Skin Recover After Skin Allergy?

I am an Asian, female, 30 years old. I had skin allergy around my upper eyelid in the last few months. And now my eyelid skin become loose and crepey.... READ MORE

Can my retinol eye cream be causing a "crepey" look under my eyes?

Ive been using this retinol eye cream for about 5 months under my eyes and noticed my skin was looking thinner. I had visited another office and they... READ MORE

Tretinoin 0.05% from Obagi Nu Derm system caused crepey skin, tight skin, and bad wrinkles under eyes. Is it permanent damage?

I'm 29 and have been using the Obagi Nu derm system with Tretinoin 0.05%. The wrinkles and fine lines under my eyes are much worse. The skin around my... READ MORE

Will obagi nu derm help crepey skin on lower cheek by mouth just on one side?

Will obagi nu derm help with this or am I wasting my money ??? What will get rid of this??? I don't like looking in the mirror anymore and it's... READ MORE

What other options are there besides Retinol to boost turnover/collagen production?

I don't want to use Retinol because it thins the skin and mine is fairly thin (fair sensitive Irish/sweedish complexion) with pores that are too... READ MORE

What to do with my face under $500.00 for the most youthful impact? (photo)

I dermaroll @ home w/ good results, 4 fine lines & acne scars. I also do led therapy. I'm considering Dysport 4 my Glabella lines etc. & Restalyne 4... READ MORE

What happened to my skin texture? I'm only 30. Need some doctors to give some serious advice. (Photo)

2 years ago used a clarisonic brush aggressively ever since that time it seems my skin has gone into breakdown mode. Huge, gaping scarred-seeming... READ MORE

Shocking crepe appearance. How can I get rid of this? (Photo)

Have had lasers few times prp no luck on lines it's shocking been to 2 plastic surgeons who won't give me a facelift only 34 hate it it's awful I went... READ MORE

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