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How Can I Increase Collagen Production?

I read that your skin stops naturally producing collagen when you are 25.  Is that true?  Is there any way to get your skin to continue... READ MORE

Do Face Creams with Matrixyl 3000, Argireline, and Hyaluronic Acid Work?

I'll be 30 years old next year, and I need to find some effective anti-aging skincare products. There are lots of talk about these three... READ MORE

Collagen Renewal After Smoking?

Can collagen be renewed after 5 years of smoking cigarettes? READ MORE

Does Ultrasound Stimulate Production of Collagen?

Does pulsed ultrasound such as that used by physical therapists help stimulate collagen and therefore, improve and tighten skin? READ MORE

Can Collagen Taken Orally Be Absorbed from GI Tract?

Can oral collagen be absorbed from gastrointestinal tract? READ MORE

What's the best way to help with collagen depleted, thinning skin?

I'm 43 years old experiencing rapidly thinning skin. It's especially bad around my eyes (lids and hollow around lower eye) but really my whole skin on... READ MORE

At age 50 is it possible to increase collegan in your face?

At age 50 is it possible to increase collegian in your face with supplements and/or topical creams?? What other facial procedures help?? READ MORE

Collagen-stimulating Procedure for Face?

Which procedure is best for stimulating collagen in the facial skin.  I am 47. READ MORE

Collagen Inducing Creams?

I read today (3/6/13) on Mail Online where a study by the University of Reading (UK) was conducted on MatrixylT that showed promising results for... READ MORE

Collagen Stimulating Treatment That Allows for Sun Exposure?

I would like a treatment that stimulates collagen but allows me to go under the sun, so Fraxel and Retin-A is not an option. What do you recommend? READ MORE

Oral collagen supplements. Is there research to support these benefits?

A good friend recommended collagen supplements on a daily basis. She looks amazing, and the reviews I've read on such sites as Amazon are very... READ MORE

How do I correct collagen (atrophy) loss from steroid injected into lips to correct artecol?

My upper lip has caved in severely and has created horizontal upper lip lines that where not there before. The surgeon who performed this procedure... READ MORE

Collagen Consumption for Youthful Skin?

I was watching a TV show where there was interesting information about how Japanese women keep their youthful appearance. Japanese women claim that... READ MORE

Which one of these is the most effective anti-aging home device?

I'm considering two anti-aging at home devices-a medical grade LED light (Quasar MD Plus) or a hand held anti-aging laser device (Tria Precision... READ MORE

Can I Increase Collagen Production by Eating More Complete Proteins or a Collagen Supplement?

There is a collagen supplement that is big in Japan right now called Meiji Amino Collagen. I do not think it works, but can eating more complete... READ MORE

Does Hydrating B5 Gel Increase Collagen Production?

Does hydrating B5 gel -- an absorbing form of hyaluronic acid increase collagen production READ MORE

Are there over the counter drugs or supplement to increase elastin and collagen?

I am losing weight and I am 29, female weighing 231 lbs. I am scared of getting saggy skin after weight loss. READ MORE

Are red LED lights, like the Quasar MD Plus, effective for the improvement of skin quality and firmness?

This device claims to penetrate through the layers of skin to stimulate collagen and elastin development thereby diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. READ MORE

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