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How can I get rid of the small, painless, colorless bumps on my forehead?

I'm not sure what these are, or what they're caused by, but I need a bit of help to know what they are if they aren't simply clogged pores, and how I... READ MORE

Clearasil Destroyed my Face, What do I do Now?

I used a ton of Clearasil last April because I was having a lot of acne on my face. It turned out it was happening because of all the sugar I was... READ MORE

Cleanser for Oily Skin?

My skin is extremely oily and sensitive. My face gets oily within 5-10 minutes after washing my face. I have to constantly wipe my face every minute.... READ MORE

How do I get flawless skin? What skin care routines should I be undergoing? I'm only 21 (Photo)

I use philosophy cleanser and exfoliater.I have really puffy eyes & dry skin. Also red little bumps. READ MORE

My skin on my face (on the chin part) is burnt from a toner (Photo)

My skin is oilyprone to acne/breakouts so I am using a cleanser(aloe vera) and it's function is to hydrate my skin and the result is that it reduced... READ MORE

What type of Cleanser and Moisturizer should I use while I am using Differin Gel 0.1%for Acne?

I have been using a cleanser with 2% of salicylic acid twice a day before using the Differin gel 0.1%. should i still continues using it or switch to... READ MORE

Triggered Acne at 33 After Using A Vibrating Facial Brush Cleanser?

I used to have flawless facial skin until I decided to use this vibrating facial brush and cleanser for maintenance. overnight, i noticed dryness and... READ MORE

Is cetaphil the a best cleanser for all skin types?

Please specified cetaphil cleanser benefits READ MORE

What type of cleanser and moisturizer should I use while I am using differin gel 0.1%?

I have been using a cleanser with 2% of salicylic acid twice a day before using the differin gel 0.1%. should i still continues using it or switch to... READ MORE

Cleanser and moisturiser for perioral dermatitis (and acne prone skin)?

I am currently treating my first perioral dermatitis outbreak with elidel cream and have been also been advised to use avene extremely gentle cleanser... READ MORE

Can I use Retinol with other face cleansers such as toners?

My face cleansing routine starts with a make up remover, cleanser, toner, and a moisterurizer. Can I also use Retinol after ? READ MORE

Is this a chemical burn on my cheeks? (Photo)

I used a 10% benzoyl peroxide cleanser to use for my whiteheads. I used it morning and night with a moisturizer for 2 nights and i woke up with uneven... READ MORE

Medical grade skincare vs. plain old Retin-A combined w/quality cleanser, moisturizer, etc. Only unbiased advice, please!

With the various skincare lines sold from one Derm/FPS practice to another, I always feel SO confused. Every dermatologist I've ever been to has told... READ MORE

Why is this happening to my face? (photos)

I been posting questions about treating sun damage, everyday my face is getting worse.. I am only using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer day and... READ MORE

Skincare/antiaging routine for 24 and up?? Best one possible? I am 27

Morning: cleanser,vit c serum 20%,moisturizer with antioxidants and Hylauronic Acid and more, unscreen spf 30 & up.Night: retin A . 2-3... READ MORE

Should I wash my face with lukewarm water?

I have combination skin and i'm quite frankly confused because some people say you should use lukewarm water first, cleanser then splash face with... READ MORE

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