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Do Kenalog Injections Cause Red Pimple-Like Bumps on Your Body?

I received a kenalog injection September 1st 2010. A week or so later I started getting red acne like bumps that itch and burn on my arms, chest, and... READ MORE

Treatment for Hypopigmentation?

Has anyone found a treatment for hypopigmentation? I don't have dark spots, I have white spots (face, neck, chest, back). I tried IPL and it... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Deep Chest Wrinkles?

I have deep wrinkles on my chest from sun damage. I saw a dermatologist who recommended BBL, broad-band laser therapy. I had the procedure done and... READ MORE

Is TriLuma Recommended for Poikiloderma?

I have poikiloderma on my chest and neck. I would like to start a regimen soon to use over the winter and I am committed to strict sun avoidance for... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Large Pores Around Nose and Chest?

I'm 17 I've had large pores around my nose and chest for about 5 years. I've tried several brands, toners, and moisturizers throughout the... READ MORE

What is this non-itchy, dry rash on my neck, chest, and face? (photo)

It's happened over the last couple of weeks. It started as a small splotch of dry, flaky skin on one eye lid, then one on my other eyelid. Then a... READ MORE

Can dry skin cause a sensation of something crawling on the skin when wearing clothing?

I've been having this problem for a few months. When ever I wear a shirt I feel a sensation of crawling round the chest area but when I take the shirt... READ MORE

How to cure a cyst on my chest? (photos)

I have a large pimple-like thing on my chest that itches, becomes inflamed, and is red and a little sore. It will peak then reduce then peak again,... READ MORE

How do I unclog all of my pores?

All of my pores are clogged. Some with pimples but most with blackheads. All of my pores: face, back, chest, and neck included. READ MORE

Regarding Steatocystoma; How long can I take this drug and how much potassium it would increase in a month?

Hi, I am 32 year old male, suffering from Steatocystoma from 15 days. I had few on scrotum, stomach and chest. One dermatologist suggested to try with... READ MORE

How can I get rid of these bumps on my forehead? (Photo)

I;m a seventeen year old Girl. I've got these tiny colorless bumps on my Forehead and as well as red and black spots on my shoulders, chest and back .... READ MORE

I have a pocket of pus on my chest from prior cyst removal. I drain it but it reoccurs. Should I be worried?

Its a quarter size or more when it fills up slowly and when i sqeeze it , it only comes out of one tiny pinhole. I get atleast 3 tablespoons or more... READ MORE

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