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Do Kenalog Injections Cause Red Pimple-Like Bumps on Your Body?

I received a kenalog injection September 1st 2010. A week or so later I started getting red acne like bumps that itch and burn on my arms, chest, and... READ MORE

Treatment for Hypopigmentation?

Has anyone found a treatment for hypopigmentation? I don't have dark spots, I have white spots (face, neck, chest, back). I tried IPL and it... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Deep Chest Wrinkles?

I have deep wrinkles on my chest from sun damage. I saw a dermatologist who recommended BBL, broad-band laser therapy. I had the procedure done and... READ MORE

Is TriLuma Recommended for Poikiloderma?

I have poikiloderma on my chest and neck. I would like to start a regimen soon to use over the winter and I am committed to strict sun avoidance for... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Large Pores Around Nose and Chest?

I'm 17 I've had large pores around my nose and chest for about 5 years. I've tried several brands, toners, and moisturizers throughout the... READ MORE

Can dry skin cause a sensation of something crawling on the skin when wearing clothing?

I've been having this problem for a few months. When ever I wear a shirt I feel a sensation of crawling round the chest area but when I take the shirt... READ MORE

What is this non-itchy, dry rash on my neck, chest, and face? (photo)

It's happened over the last couple of weeks. It started as a small splotch of dry, flaky skin on one eye lid, then one on my other eyelid. Then a... READ MORE

How do I unclog all of my pores?

All of my pores are clogged. Some with pimples but most with blackheads. All of my pores: face, back, chest, and neck included. READ MORE

How to cure a cyst on my chest? (photos)

I have a large pimple-like thing on my chest that itches, becomes inflamed, and is red and a little sore. It will peak then reduce then peak again,... READ MORE

Skin issues around Neck & Chest. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I would like to ask if my skin condition below consider as Keratosis pilaris? I have many lines with dirt around that area , and mild acne. Even i... READ MORE

Regarding Steatocystoma; How long can I take this drug and how much potassium it would increase in a month?

Hi, I am 32 year old male, suffering from Steatocystoma from 15 days. I had few on scrotum, stomach and chest. One dermatologist suggested to try with... READ MORE

How can I get rid of these bumps on my forehead? (Photo)

I;m a seventeen year old Girl. I've got these tiny colorless bumps on my Forehead and as well as red and black spots on my shoulders, chest and back .... READ MORE

I have a pocket of pus on my chest from prior cyst removal. I drain it but it reoccurs. Should I be worried?

Its a quarter size or more when it fills up slowly and when i sqeeze it , it only comes out of one tiny pinhole. I get atleast 3 tablespoons or more... READ MORE

Can I use tri-luma during the day? (photos)

I'm using tri-luma for discoloration caused by 5fu on my chest. I'd prefer to use it during the day. I know I can't let sun hit it. If I stay indoors... READ MORE

What treatment do you recommend to make my chest look better? (photos)

I want my chest to look better. There are fine lines and sun damage. Please zoom into this photo and let me know what would be the best treatment. READ MORE

Any suggestions for Aging skin? (photos)

Hi i am needing to get some anti ageing treatments on my face & chest. I have skin pigmentation, redness, sunspots, wrinkles, I am on medication for... READ MORE

Is there anything out there that can help the skin on my face and chest be normal?

I have visibly large pores on my cheeks, and as well as this, I have dots on my chest/breasts (I'm not 100% sure what it is- but I think maybe it's... READ MORE

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