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How to treat a burn from a face wash?

I recently bought a new face wash and after using it for 2 day I got a burn or a allergic reaction. My skin is pealing (like a sun burn) from the base... READ MORE

Is It Bad to Use Aquaphor on the Face?

I cannot use any lotion. It burns, and it's too thin. My skin is always, especially when it's close to my period. I always use Aquaphor before... READ MORE

Will Burning Get Rid of the Tiny Bumps Under the Eyes?

I have tiny bumps underneath both of my eyes, skin colored and raised. What can I do? One dermatologist told me he could burn them or zap them off.... READ MORE

Will Normal Coloration Return After Nose Tip? Nose Burn Skin Repair

I burnt the tip of my nose from a hot piece of metal about five months ago. It is a very small dark red/slightly brownish spot on my nose. I try my... READ MORE

What to do when my skin burns?

I am using Stieva A (Tretinoim Cream) 0.1% for about 3 days now, and everytime I wash my face with a cleanser or soap it feels like my face is burning... READ MORE

My Skin is Burned After Waxing My Face, What Can I Do To Prevent Scarring? (photo)

Hi, yesterday I waxed my face and added vaseline and panoxyl so it doesnt break out when I woke up I have this huge burned patch thats dark brown and... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Pimple Marks and Burn Marks (Asian, Age 40)?

I am 40 year old asian dark skin lady I have lot of pimple marks & burnt mark on my face& my body including surgical marks & my skin is... READ MORE

My skin on my face (on the chin part) is burnt from a toner (Photo)

My skin is oilyprone to acne/breakouts so I am using a cleanser(aloe vera) and it's function is to hydrate my skin and the result is that it reduced... READ MORE

What can I do for chemical burn on my face? (photos)

I had a sample of the Peter Thomas Roth laser free resurfacer which is a night serum. I used it Saturday night and washed my face in the morning, and... READ MORE

Ammonia Burns From 12 Years Ago, But Still Hands and Face Flare Up and Burn?

I have sever chemical burns help.... 12 years ago at school ROTC boot camp I was asked to clean with amonia based and bleach based cleaners my hands... READ MORE

How do I get rid of chemical burn dry skin? Whats the fastest way I can do this?

I used Sally Hansen's hair removal on my upper lip and after three minutes it started burning like crazy. The skin was tender and didn't let me put... READ MORE

What treatment for my skin on the face after rogaine was use? It got on my face and now my skin is messed on forehead. (photos)

I have been using rogain 5% on the front part of my head. When I would apply it, it would run down my face some. Now my forehead has bumps and it... READ MORE

I tried a cinnamon mask and now my face burns. What should I do?

I put on a cinnamon honey mask with 3 tbs honey and cinnamon and my face started burning so I put aloe from a plant on the burn spot and the burning... READ MORE

What is the treatment for burned underarm due to bleaching cream?

Hi. a week ago I applied a bleaching cream for my underarm but it just made my ua darker. The redness also hasn't gone even if i already stopped... READ MORE

Will Neosporin ointment help clear up a toothpaste burn?

2 nights ago, I decided to put toothpaste on a pimple and sleep overnight, because I read it would clear it up faster. It turns out I used the wrong... READ MORE

I got burned on my face, what home treatment can i do? can i use make up, because at my line of work make up is required?

Last January 11,2014, i used rejuvenating toner on my face but on the other day i decided to discontinue using because it felt hurt. Then to do first... READ MORE

What do you recommend for my facial skin as I stop bleaching? (photos)

Recommend a product.hey,i was dark in complexion but now fair due to bleaching.I wanna stop bleaching but burns are now showing on my face and am... READ MORE

After I wash my face with dove sensitive skin soap, it drys my face out so bad, as well as when cream applied burns my face bad.

I have been using this product for two weeks at the most and after i wash my face with dove sensitive skin soap it drys my face out so bad, looks like... READ MORE

I have dry skin next to my mouth. It gets dry after I take a shower and flakes come out, it burns. What could it be? (photo)

It's not red, it looks like a rash of some sort, it itches and burns when I try to eat, the skin seems to be peeling. I don't think it's peromial... READ MORE

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