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How to Control Breakouts While on Anti-aging Regimen?

I have been using Clenziderm (Normal to Oily) for 3 months now, and it has noticeably helped with the acne/breakouts that I've been battling for... READ MORE

Is eye cream necessary and does it do anything?

Should I use an eye cream (moisturizer for under the eyes)? I'm not sure if it's necessary, or simply another product that companies sell just to try... READ MORE

What's causing me to get papules and whiteheads along with very dry flaky skin and very red irritated skin on my face?

My face is extremely dry and sensitive and cheeks and chin break out with papules and whiteheads and gets very red. I'm 32 and never had an issue with... READ MORE

What is the best way for teens to prevent aging?

I'm 18 and it's my last year of teenage. I've been thinking of anti-aging, but I don want to use sunscreen because I live a country where air is hot... READ MORE

I am very self conscious about the size of my pores. Is there anything that I would benefit from to treat this?

I have a very mild issue with my facial skin. It is extremely oily, which doesn't truly bother me too badly, and my completion is slightly ruddy. (The... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for red marks that won't go away?

So I had a huge out break in 2012. After that I went to a clinique who gave me a deep cleansing treatment where they literally pulled out every... READ MORE

I have White Bumps On My Shoulder and Sometimes By Back But They Don't Pop What Could it Be? (photo)

Hey im now 21 year old male.... i have these white bumps on my shoulder are and sometimes in middle of my back when they breakout but thats once in a... READ MORE

Getting small holes or pores on face after initial breakout from tretinoin. Is this normal?

I had a normal face, no real acne. I started using tretinoin 0.05 for two weeks everyday, i stopped because my face erupted in whiteheads.after a... READ MORE

My skin on my face (on the chin part) is burnt from a toner (Photo)

My skin is oilyprone to acne/breakouts so I am using a cleanser(aloe vera) and it's function is to hydrate my skin and the result is that it reduced... READ MORE

Can I Just Use Benzoyle Peroxide in the Morning and Epiduo at Night?

I was previously using 7% Benzoyle peroxide twice a day but I recenly started using Epiduo. It worked great for the first two weeks but now I am... READ MORE

I'm breaking out and I want a clear skin. What do I do? (Photo)

I exfoliate every second day and wear sun protection when I'm going out... I'm still breaking out... And I want a clear skin what do I do??? Getting... READ MORE

Can anyone identify by my pictures (tiny whiteheads appearing quickly), what kind of breakout or rash I'm dealing with?

Female, aged 34. 2 years ago, I developed a tiny rash of white heads on my face (15-20 at any time), they don't itch and go away after a few days, but... READ MORE

Enlarged pores, sensitive skin, oily skin, redness and break outs on chin. (photo)

I have really bad enlarged pores, oily skin and breakouts and redness im begging for help! I didnt look after my skin well in the past and now i... READ MORE

Did steroid cream cause my serious breakout? (Photo)

I recently came back from a trip from Asia (hot weather) and my skin got worst. Prior to flying to Asia, my face was flare up and break out like never... READ MORE

Not sure if my Obagi Nuderm is working. Any suggestions?

Im using the Step 1- 5 & retin a. I have had NO peeling. My face looks shiny and small break outs r clearing still feels dry & tight but other than... READ MORE

How to improve my skin care regimen? (photos)

I've been using tretinoin .05% for about five months. It helped clear up in my forehead and make my skin softer, but my skin is still very congested.... READ MORE

What is wrong with my skin? Please help.

My skin reacts to just about everything at the moment & when I apply certain products to said areas they will cause me to break out in weeping hives... READ MORE

Every sunscreen breaks me out. Any suggestions?

Every sunscreen i use even elta 46 breaks me out 48-72 hrs later. ive given up on spf. i got all my car windows tinted, i avoid sun 10-4 and i take... READ MORE

Can I use betamethasone dipropionate 0.05%?

I washed my face with a Cleanser & i noticed my face have a rash like breakout. There's a slight itch. The cleanser has 2% salicylic acid. I want to... READ MORE

What Can I Do To Have Smooth Bump Free Even Skin? (photo)

My skin is doing its own thing I don't know what to do I recently started getting more break outs and now these small red patches all over my face I... READ MORE

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