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Does SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Really Deliver Maximum Anti-aging Results?

I saw that the #1 skin care product at skin store is the $138 C E Ferulic serum.  It's called a revolutionary topical antioxidant combination... READ MORE

"Oil Free" Skincare Products

Advertising of oil free skincare products confuses me.  what does it mean? READ MORE

What Natural Skin Care Products Improve Skin Tone?

I am not yet interested in botox. I want natural skin care products and techniques to get a great glowing skin tone and to repair fine lines and sun... READ MORE

What's the Best Skin Care Product for Wrinkles and Skin Tightening?

I avoid the sun, I have a healty diet and I exercise regularly. I am 50 years old and look great except I don't like the wrinkles on the side of my... READ MORE

Why is There Alcohol in Face Creams?

We are always told to stay away from alcohol, because it dries out the skin - whether we drink it or put it right on our faces, it most definitely... READ MORE

Which Skincare Products Should I Splurge On?

Questioning wether to buy Strivecton or some other expensive wrinkle cream. What does every one think is worth the splurge? READ MORE

Does NIA24 Really Work on Sun Damaged Skin?

On the Today show they said the most exciting skin care product is NIA 24.  I have bad sun damage.  Will Nia work to repair it? READ MORE

Buying Skin Care Products Online Vs. in a Doctor's Office?

I previously went to a dermatologist and she told me to use glytone wash and lotion. I have seen that it is only sold at a doctor's office yet I... READ MORE

Does Dr. Wexler's Skin Care Line Contain Caffeine?

I recently found out I'm pregnant, and have been told to stay away from any products that contain caffeine. Unfortunately Dr. Wexler's skin care line... READ MORE

Organic Vs. Non-organic Beauty Products, What's the Difference?

Thanks for helping me understand organic skin products READ MORE

Are There Any Products That Can Help with Wrinkles Under my Eyes?

I'm only 43, but the wrinkles under my eyes are getting so pronounced. I don't want to resort to surgery yet.  Are there any products that will... READ MORE

Are Food-grade Skin Care Products the Same As Organic or Natural?

If a skin care product is "food-grade," is that the same as saying it is "organic" or "natural?" READ MORE

Where to Get Obagi Skin Care Products in Pakistan?

I live in Pakistan. Where I can buy Obagi Nu Derm for myself as it is only prescribed by drs?Dermatologist here don't use it as this is a new product.... READ MORE

Kinerase to Reduce Signs of Aging, Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

I am thinking of buying it but there are so many skin care lines out there that I don't want to buy something for that price that doesn't really work. READ MORE

Can You Use Too Many Products on Your Face?

I am 28 years old. I mystic tan mostly but do tan in a bed in the summer...I recently had botox on my forehead for the first time recently and she... READ MORE

Opinions on Petroleum-based Products?

What is your opinion on petroleum-based skin care products, based on your research? These products get a lot of bad hype ranging from it makes skin... READ MORE

Recommended Product for Liver Spots?

Which product is effective in remove fine lines and liver spot on my face? READ MORE

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