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How Can I Increase Collagen Production?

I read that your skin stops naturally producing collagen when you are 25.  Is that true?  Is there any way to get your skin to continue... READ MORE

How to prevent getting wrinkles?

I am open to cosmetic treatments yet i want to first try like heck to prevent wrinkles in the first place READ MORE

What Age Should I Start Using Anti-aging Products?

I'm 24 year old but look like a 27! My skin seems so loose and I like to make it tighter.Is it ok for me to start age reversing product like... READ MORE

Does SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Really Deliver Maximum Anti-aging Results?

I saw that the #1 skin care product at skin store is the $138 C E Ferulic serum.  It's called a revolutionary topical antioxidant combination... READ MORE

What's the Best Premature Aging Treatment?

Best treatment for premature aging? (Melasma, lines AND acne). Help! I'm only 37! Hello, please help! I spent 9 years (21-30) in New Mexico, where I... READ MORE

Tri-luma for Anti-aging?

My doctor prescribed Tri-luma instead of Retin-a for anti-aging. Will this make me pale and will I still be able to tan (in the sun or with sunless... READ MORE

Anti-aging Options for a Young Woman?

I'm 24 years old, but as I am obsessed with my looks, I am looking to find ways to stay looking young. Should I get a mini face lift now or only... READ MORE

Can I Use Anti-aging Night Creams Even if I'm Only 22? I Bought Loreal Products.

I recently bought Lorea'l anti-aging night crean and anti-aging eye cream. I'm only 22 but I want to be sure I start doing something to protect my... READ MORE

Will Changing my Diet Make Me Look Younger?

Is it true that I can change my diet and look younger? READ MORE

What Skin Care Products Are Safe During Pregnancy?

I have some concerns about skin care during pregnancy: WHY exactly are skin tightening procedures and/or dermal fillers NOT done to the face and neck... READ MORE

Can Stem Cells Really Be Used to Make Me Look Younger?

My friend told me about some new anti-aging skin treatment where they use live stem cells to repair the skin on your this for real? ... READ MORE

Anti-aging Cream - What Should I Look For?

How can I, as a consumer, know what I should be looking for in an anti-aging cream. I am 70 years old, my skin looks good, and would like it to... READ MORE

What Is Your Opinion of Anti Aging Creams? Are They Necessary or Is Moisturizer Enough?

What can i use to even skin tone on my face/ erase or minimize age spots/ minimize/reduce fine lines, minimize pores, have a youthful skin?---do anti... READ MORE

How to Control Breakouts While on Anti-aging Regimen?

I have been using Clenziderm (Normal to Oily) for 3 months now, and it has noticeably helped with the acne/breakouts that I've been battling for... READ MORE

Do Copper Peptide Cremes Have an Anti Aging Effect or is This Just Hype?

Do these cremes increase collagen production in higher concentrations? READ MORE

Which Arbonne Product Prevents Aging?

I'm thinking about trying Arbonne for a new face routine but am unsure which one: FC5 or Nutrimen C? I'm 29 years old and don't really think I need... READ MORE

Which one of these is the most effective anti-aging home device?

I'm considering two anti-aging at home devices-a medical grade LED light (Quasar MD Plus) or a hand held anti-aging laser device (Tria Precision... READ MORE

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