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Skin Care Tips for Aging Skin

My face is aging faster now that I've turned 46. What is the best techniques, skin care products, or life style changes to maintain more youthful... READ MORE

Which Works Best for Age Spots, Broken Capillaries, Minor Wrinkles and Acne Scars?

...and redness, and minor loss of firmness? Affirm laser or IPL treatments? And, if you say Affirm -- how many treatments and how far apart? Affirm... READ MORE

At age 50 is it possible to increase collegan in your face?

At age 50 is it possible to increase collegian in your face with supplements and/or topical creams?? What other facial procedures help?? READ MORE

Collagen Inducing Creams?

I read today (3/6/13) on Mail Online where a study by the University of Reading (UK) was conducted on MatrixylT that showed promising results for... READ MORE

Is TriLuma Recommended for Poikiloderma?

I have poikiloderma on my chest and neck. I would like to start a regimen soon to use over the winter and I am committed to strict sun avoidance for... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for brown spots and winkles for a 50 yr old?

What is the best treatment for brown spots and winkles for a 50 yr old? READ MORE

I would like a consultation or recommendation for my facial skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 52 years old and used to have great skin. I only noticed my skin aging (discoloration/fine lines around my eyes), at about age 50. I paid for CO2... READ MORE

Disseminated superficial actinic keratosis. Is there an ointment to rid these?

I had this skin disorder diagnosed by a skin and mole Dr. Is there an ointment that rid these? Does Ag3 cream work? Or can you offer something as... READ MORE

All my pigmentation is back after 4 mths on Triluma at night & Obagi Clear & Extraderme forte. I'm 47! What next? (photo)

I started my treatment with TriLuma only on pigmentation at night and Obagi Vitamin C, Clear, Extraderme forte & sunscreen 30 whole face during the... READ MORE

I Have Milia on my Bald Scalp. What is the Best Treatment to Remove Them?

I am male in my 50's. The milia are seed like bumps beneath the surface of the scalp -because of my bald head they are quite noticeable. READ MORE

How Effective is EMax Treatment for the Neck?

My dermatologist has recommended eMax treatment for my neck which is getting crepey and has horizontal lines. I'm worried because I've had an... READ MORE

What are these under eye bumps and how can I get rid of them? (Photo)

I'm 53 and have had these under eye bumps for much of my adult life. They're not milia; they're firm and haven't responded to any serums, creams, etc.... READ MORE

I am a 45 year old woman with really good skin. I damaged the skin under my eyes by removing makeup.

I rarely use makeup, but one time about a month ago I applied heavy black eye liner and maskara and removed it rather aggressively (it was really hard... READ MORE

I'm a 50 year old African American female and want to do something about my rough skin. What do you suggest? (Photo)

Do you recommend laser, chemicals peels or fillers to smooth out my skin? I know nothing is guaranteed but want the best results and don't want to... READ MORE

I am 48 and have very aged skin above my lips. The area is saggy as well. Any suggestions?

I have also recently noticed what looks like a large purple vein above my lip. This is very unsightly to me, and I am becoming very self conscious. Is... READ MORE

Sjogrens Syndrome are there any procedures safe?

I am 47. I am wondering what procedures might be safe if any. I have wrinkles ,brown spots, sagging skin and red spider veins on my cheeks. Is Cutera... READ MORE

What is the most effective procedure or medication to reduce facial sebum?

I am a 52-year old male with extremely oily skin. I don't take any medications and wash my face with glycerin soap. I use oil blotting sheets by the... READ MORE

What is wrong with my skin? The texture is bumpy and thick. (photo)

I am 51 year old female and had good skin when I was younger, no acne or skin problems. My skin now looks horrible and I exfoliate and always take off... READ MORE

I use the Galvanic without gels. Will I see results after a few months?

I'm from South Africa.  My daughter gave me a Galvanic spa 2 a week ago and I use it every evening without the gels as the products are very... READ MORE

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