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Best Milia Treatment?

I'm a 16 year old girl that has been diagnosed with milia. What do you recommend for treatment? I have very small pores and they get clogged... READ MORE

Milia on an 8-year-old?

My 8-year-old son has tiny white-head type bumps on his cheeks and forearms, they do not itch or bother him, just don't look good. When popped a... READ MORE

Bumps on Lips and Penis?

I'm fourteen and I've just found bumps developing on lips and but there small but there also on my penis and it looks like the head of my... READ MORE

Is Eczema Permanent or Will It Go Away?

I'm 16 years old and I've never had eczema before, and I've just started getting it on my arms, wrists, neck, and face. Will it go away? READ MORE

Best Treatment for Uneven Skin Tone?

I am 15 years old and I have really badly uneven skin tone on my back. I want to get rid of it fast before summer so I can wear things that show my... READ MORE

Are There Any At-Home Treatments to Remove Under Eye Grooves and Lines?

I'm 15 year old girl, I have just noticed deep blue/purple grooves under my eyes. They were NOT there a month ago, I have pictures to prove it and... READ MORE

I have these small bumps all over my face. How do I get rid of them? (Photo)

I'm 17.Ok so I have these small bumps all over my face.They are very noticeable when I'm under light or outside.In the mornings I wash my face with... READ MORE

Best treatment for terrible forehead texture and nose?

I am 15 years old, I do not have acne but the skin is uneven, the sides seem to be wrinkled and the forehead has many pores and lumps, I want a... READ MORE

I am 13 and I have fine lines (Photo)

I have tried many home remedies and I have 4 eye creams. Nothing seems to work. I get usually 9 hrs of sleep and I drink about 9 cups of water a day. READ MORE

Eye Treatment for Dennie-Morgan Folds?

I'm 16 and I have atopic dermatitis and I'm almost sure that these ugly folds under my eyes are Dennie-Morgan folds. There are no eye... READ MORE

Adverse Reactions to Cetaphil Restoraderm?

I used cetaphil restoraderm moisturizer for my 6 months old baby boy but then i notice some chicken skin on his thighs and some rashes on his neck and... READ MORE

Shiny Skin on Nose and Forehead?

To start with this isn't a simple case of oily skin - my skin is still shiny when I get out of the shower or wash my face. It's that the skin itself... READ MORE

How can I restore my skin tone to its original color?

My skin has been tanned on my forearms, shins, face, and the back of my neck since I was around 7 years old. Apparently I never listened to my father... READ MORE

Is Milia Temporary for a 12 Year Old?

I have a bump above my upper lip.. and it's just about touching my upper lip. I have had this for about 6-9 months and at first, I thought it was just... READ MORE

What type of face cream should I use for my oily skin?

I'm 17 years old. my skin is oily. what face cream shall i use to get rid of oily skin? is there any natural remedy. READ MORE

I Have Lots of Tiny Flesh Coloured Spots on my Forehead, How Can It Go Away Naturally?

I Have Lots of Tiny Flesh Coloured Spots on my Forehead, How Can It Go Away Naturally i am 13 and have not experienced acne READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment to Remove Brown Spots on the Face for Tan Skin? (photo)

I'm 16 w/ tan skin. I used to have 3 brown spots on my face when I was a kid. Now almost half of my face has brown spots. I don't know what... READ MORE

My skin is very dry and cracked. When I wash my face it hurts. Is there any way to help?

I am a 15 year old guy with just a small amount acne. I swim six days a week in a chlorine pool and I think it causes my skin to be severely dry and... READ MORE

I'm 15 yrs old, I have Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and dark skin. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hi. I am 15 right now and am turning 16 very soon. I always suffered from PIH every since I hit puberty and got acne. Its pretty bad and it really... READ MORE

How to make my pores smaller? My skin use to be poreless.

I'm only seventeen turning eighteen this year so I don't think ageing is to blame. I use to use body soaps on my face, I was quite young when I did... READ MORE

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