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Large Pores and Pitted Scars?

I'm a 32 yr old African American female with a fair skin complexion. I have large pores and what appears to be pitted scars? My texture on my cheeks... READ MORE

TCA Peel for Razor Bumps on light skinned African American?

I've had these bumps for a couple of months now. I've used many acne scrubs and treatments, but none seem to be working. I think they are... READ MORE

Black Women Skin Type With Dark Spots After Acne? What Are My Options? (photo)

I was wondering how do I get rid of ance and dark spots after pimples are popped or gone, My skin breaks out so bad and leave behind black dark spots... READ MORE

Ethnic Skin Care Tips

 Lots of skin care information is for white tone only. What are tips for having great skin if a person has a darker skin tone? READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Skin-Colored Forehead Bumps?

I am a 32yr old black woman, with these skin colored bumps on my forhead. I use a face wash prescribed by the doctor it was working but for the past... READ MORE

Does Anyone Have Pictures of a Dermatofibroma Removed by Excision?

I have five dermatofibromas. Also I'm black, so they are really dark. I saw a dermatologist who treated me with topical steriods (clobetasol mainly),... READ MORE

Should I continue to us Kojic acid soap if my skin darkened?

I used to be a light brown complexion. I am african american and overtime my face darkened 2 or 3 shades and is noticeably darker than my body. Now my... READ MORE

How to Correct Uneven Skin Tone?

If someone of an African background has a darker shade of skin on the higher part of the cheek bone. It starts from the eyelids to the cheek bone.... READ MORE

What Can I Use to Help my Blotchy Skin?

I am a 21 year old African american female. Up until probably a year or two ago, i have noticed some discoloration in my skin, specifically on my face... READ MORE

I'm African American female and have uneven skin tone. What are my options to improve my skin tone?

I am an African American female and my face is 5 times darker than the rest of my body. What are my options to improve my skin tone. READ MORE

Is It OK to Use Anti-aging Creams at a Young Age?

Recently i was using the neutrogena scrub but while i was using it i was scrubbing my face way to hard with it an i used it almost everyday an it... READ MORE

What is a good skin care line for African American skin for women?

I don't have any pictures, but I would like to know what can I do for uneven skin tone, dark spots, blackheads, little dark moles that I never had,... READ MORE

African American with Large Pores and Oily Skin

I am an African American with very oily skin and very large pores. I have been using Tazorac cream and Clindagel for over 2 years now. During the... READ MORE

Is this rosacea on my black skin and how can I treat it? I am an AfroCaribbean woman living in a humid climate. (photo)

I have always had problems with acne. Now in my late thirties I have a hormonal imbalance. My acne usually flares just before and during menstruation.... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Obagi System to Cause Parts of the Face to Be Lighter Than the Rest?

I am an african american dark skinned woman. I have been using Obagi Nuderm for 2 weeks. I use the Obagi Exfoderm Forte and Obagi Sunfader in the... READ MORE

I am African American with discoloration around my forehead, temples and cheeks. What can be done to treat this? (photo)

I am an african american woman, 54 years old. Lately I have noticed that my skin is significantly darker around my forehead, temples and cheeks. Could... READ MORE

Is there a way that a doctor can give me a permanently darker skin tone ?

I am a lightskin African American I'm mostly lightskin because I don't go outside or in the sun much which is way I haven't gotten darker . I hear... READ MORE

Which Skin Care Regimen Would You Recommend For an African American Woman With Mild Acne and Wrinkles?

I am a 44yo Med-brown skin African American woman with mild acne on the chin area who would like to know which OTC product out of Olay, Neutrogena,... READ MORE

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