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How Do I Check for Skin Cancer Signs?

I'd like tips for making sure i watch out for early signs of skin cancer. READ MORE

Large Moles Possibly Melanoma?

I have a couple of large, flat moles, and a couple raised. They do not grow nor bleed or ooze; are uniform in colour; and are pretty symmetrical.... READ MORE

Is Melanoma Hormonally Driven?

I developed melanoma during a pregnancy. I was 34 at the time. I have had a few friends develop it during pregnancies as well. I've read that... READ MORE

Does this look like it could be subungual melanoma? (Photo)

After I had my baby 18 months ago I had this black line down my thumb nail. It used to be darker but it is still there. Recently I heard it could be... READ MORE

Do you think this is melanoma/skin cancer? (Photo)

My son aged 5 has a tiny mole in the middle of his back it was dark so waited sept time to take him to the doctors where the doctor said keep an eye... READ MORE

Please reply quickly. Could this possibly be melanoma under the toenail? (Photo)

This mole like spot appeared overnight about 3 weeks ago. It hasn't really changed. I'm a 15 year old Hispanic male. I also have many beauty marks,... READ MORE

Does this look like melanoma? (Photo)

Both of theses marks I was told to keep an eye on for a while now. The small one is two colors, I know it's hard to see. And irregular, fading borders... READ MORE

I Had a Shave Biospy and I Read from Another Dr That if It is Melonoma It Could Make It Spread Faster, Is This True?

My Derm did a shave biospy the mole was pink in the center dark pink with a brown circle around the mole and he did a shave biospy i read if it was... READ MORE

What are the chances these spots are melanoma? (Photo)

I had one spot, the top one Pop up probably a year ago, and I'm not sure exactly when, but within the past few months the bottom two appeared as well.... READ MORE

Is this 6mm macule melanoma? I had it removed and waiting on biopsy results later next week (Photo)

I had macule on my stomach for as long as I can remember. Always a light tan/slightly red in color. 18 months ago I really burned it bad with nair.... READ MORE

Can a Stage 4 Skin Melanoma Heal on It's Own?

I was diagnosed last year with a level 3, stage 4 tiny skin melanoma on my left arm. Before surgery two weeks later there was no visible sign of the... READ MORE

I have a small freckle like spot on sole of foot (photo)

It isnt raised at all, only about 2mm, one color brown, etc. It could have been there 3 weeks, 10 years, my entire life. I just do not look at my feet... READ MORE

Do I Have Melanoma? (photo)

Dear Sir/Madam, I'm a 28 year old Woman and my problem is a black spot on my toenail, which I have first noticed 3 weeks ago. I thought its a... READ MORE

Is it a talon noir or melanoma? (Photo)

Originally, the spot was flat without any redness around it. I tried to peel it off, thinking I'd remove all the blood that may be inside, but I only... READ MORE

Choosing a Dermatologist for Melanoma Screening?

I'm concerned about the aesthetics, of course. I have several sketchy moles, and haven't seen a dermatologist in 3+ years. READ MORE

Melanoma in situ? Compound nevus, dysplastic type with moderate with moderate dysplasia, extending to the base of the specimen.

The dermoepidermal junction contains a primary nested melanocytic proliferation.Within the superficial dermis, discrete nests of melanocytes with... READ MORE

Prognosis for Melanoma. Is My Outlook For Cure Positive?

I have been diagnosed with .75 thickness melanoma with no ulceration and 0 mitosis. Is the outlook for cure positive? Also, as a precaution and... READ MORE

What could this be on my toe? Is it skin cancer? (Photo)

I'm really scared I have melanoma or some skin cancer. I don't recall having and trauma or tight shoes. I didn't drop anything on it and it's been... READ MORE

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