Melanoma + Skin Cancer

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How Do I Check for Skin Cancer Signs?

I'd like tips for making sure i watch out for early signs of skin cancer. READ MORE

Large Moles Possibly Melanoma?

I have a couple of large, flat moles, and a couple raised. They do not grow nor bleed or ooze; are uniform in colour; and are pretty symmetrical.... READ MORE

Is Melanoma Hormonally Driven?

I developed melanoma during a pregnancy. I was 34 at the time. I have had a few friends develop it during pregnancies as well. I've read that... READ MORE

Do you think this is melanoma/skin cancer? (Photo)

My son aged 5 has a tiny mole in the middle of his back it was dark so waited sept time to take him to the doctors where the doctor said keep an eye... READ MORE

I Had a Shave Biospy and I Read from Another Dr That if It is Melonoma It Could Make It Spread Faster, Is This True?

My Derm did a shave biospy the mole was pink in the center dark pink with a brown circle around the mole and he did a shave biospy i read if it was... READ MORE

Is this Melanoma or some type of skin disease? (photo)

I have a eeny teeny bump on my thigh and i was wondering if it was anything serious like mellanoma. I have been gaining weight and my thighs have been... READ MORE

Does this look like it could be subungual melanoma? (Photo)

After I had my baby 18 months ago I had this black line down my thumb nail. It used to be darker but it is still there. Recently I heard it could be... READ MORE

What are the chances these spots are melanoma? (Photo)

I had one spot, the top one Pop up probably a year ago, and I'm not sure exactly when, but within the past few months the bottom two appeared as well.... READ MORE

Does this look like melanoma? (Photo)

I have those two moles that look a bit strange. I would like to know if they look like melanoma? Thank you READ MORE

Does this look like melanoma? (Photo)

Both of theses marks I was told to keep an eye on for a while now. The small one is two colors, I know it's hard to see. And irregular, fading borders... READ MORE

Please reply quickly. Could this possibly be melanoma under the toenail? (Photo)

This mole like spot appeared overnight about 3 weeks ago. It hasn't really changed. I'm a 15 year old Hispanic male. I also have many beauty marks,... READ MORE

Can a Stage 4 Skin Melanoma Heal on It's Own?

I was diagnosed last year with a level 3, stage 4 tiny skin melanoma on my left arm. Before surgery two weeks later there was no visible sign of the... READ MORE

Choosing a Dermatologist for Melanoma Screening?

I'm concerned about the aesthetics, of course. I have several sketchy moles, and haven't seen a dermatologist in 3+ years. READ MORE

I have a small freckle like spot on sole of foot (photo)

It isnt raised at all, only about 2mm, one color brown, etc. It could have been there 3 weeks, 10 years, my entire life. I just do not look at my feet... READ MORE

Do I Have Melanoma? (photo)

Dear Sir/Madam, I'm a 28 year old Woman and my problem is a black spot on my toenail, which I have first noticed 3 weeks ago. I thought its a... READ MORE

Is it a talon noir or melanoma? (Photo)

Originally, the spot was flat without any redness around it. I tried to peel it off, thinking I'd remove all the blood that may be inside, but I only... READ MORE

Melanoma in situ? Compound nevus, dysplastic type with moderate with moderate dysplasia, extending to the base of the specimen.

The dermoepidermal junction contains a primary nested melanocytic proliferation.Within the superficial dermis, discrete nests of melanocytes with... READ MORE

Prognosis for Melanoma. Is My Outlook For Cure Positive?

I have been diagnosed with .75 thickness melanoma with no ulceration and 0 mitosis. Is the outlook for cure positive? Also, as a precaution and... READ MORE

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