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How to Alleviate Side Effects from Aldara?

I have been prescribed Aldara for BCC(Basal Cell Carcinoma) and precancer on my entire face. Will I be toxic to my young grandchildren as with other... READ MORE

Using Aldera for basal cell carcinoma? (Photo)

My dermatologist prescribed Aldera for a spot on my chest to treat basal cell carcinoma. I had several spots which although not tested looked like the... READ MORE

Could I have skin cancer? The shoulder with the mole on has been really achy and painful. (Photo)

I have a mole on my shoulder. That's been there about 2 years now. It's looks black and really iches. I've had heartburn for five days straight now.... READ MORE

Does this look like skin cancer? Or anything serious? (photos)

Recently (within the past month) ive got these raised, itchy bumps on my skin. One went away complely and smoothed out, leaving an almost... READ MORE

Do I have skin cancer? (photos)

I noticed these dark spots on my back, they have been on my back for months, and I never paid any attention, thought it was just a rash, that... READ MORE

Itchy, light brown, dry spot on side of breast? (photo)

I am a 30 year old female with a new (6 months ago) brown spot on my left breast. It appeared one day and has remained unchanged since then. No growth... READ MORE

Is this mole exhibiting symptoms of skin cancer and should I see a dermatologist? (Photos)

I have had this mole on my stomach for several years. I am 23. This past week, however, this mole on my stomach has felt dry. I just put a little... READ MORE

Do I need a second opinion? Previous history of BCC.

Hi, I saw my dermatologist for a concern on the side of my nose. It was itchy and had a scar like appearance. I have one history of BCC just above the... READ MORE

Is this a sign of skin cancer? (Photo)

This mole has just randomly appeared, that area was always itchy but only today when i itched i found it there, it is at the back of the head and I've... READ MORE

Melanoma on skin in bruise form, what does it look like? (photo)

I've seen online pics of melanoma as a mole. However some sites say it can be on skin as bruise and not part of a mole. I have dark patch that noticed... READ MORE

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