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How to Alleviate Side Effects from Aldara?

I have been prescribed Aldara for BCC(Basal Cell Carcinoma) and precancer on my entire face. Will I be toxic to my young grandchildren as with other... READ MORE

Sore on face, skin cancer? Bleeds a lot been over 2.5 years since it showed up. Oncology, 54 yo outdoor carpenter. (Photo)

I am a 54 yo male who's always worked outside as carpenter in San Antonio TX. 3 years ago this started out as a smaller sore that would bleed a lot.... READ MORE

I am 64 and have had stubborn milia on my face for years. Any suggestions?

I am 64 and have had stubborn milia on my face for years. I have used Tretinoin cream for decades but to no avail. My derm poked out a few but this... READ MORE

How Fast Do Squamous Cell Carcimonas Grow?

My husband was just diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on his face near his face, it seemed to grow pretty quickly and he now says he feels it... READ MORE

How many types of serum do I need for my face?

I have been using HA serum, but I heard that my face needs vitamin a, b, and c as well. Is it true? So is it ok to get 4 different kinds, and... READ MORE

Is this skin cancer? (Photo)

My dad has a mark on his face. He has had it for many years. He states it is just an age spot (he is 58) however it is raised and I think it has... READ MORE

Is this cancer? (Photo)

I have these red dots on my face for few years now. I am not really sure when they developed. I was wknderkng what could they be? Cancer ? Broken... READ MORE

I have a very sensitive skin & my face got sunburned. What treatment do you recommend?

I have a very sensitive skin and my face got sunburned. My face is more darker then the rest of my body. what do i do? READ MORE

Trying to decide on PDT or Fluorouracil Topical Cream for treating pervasive AK’s on my face?

56 YO male. Have had BCC twice. 20 plus AK’s on my face treated cryogenically past 12 years. AK’s becoming more pervasive on my face, arms and han... READ MORE

I have a reddish brown mark on my face, do you think it could be skin cancer? (Photo)

I am 50 years old.I have had a redish brown mark on my face for years however recently It looks worse and overall looks more noticeable. It feels soft... READ MORE

i had skin cancer removed on my face.

I got stitches on monday and do not go back to doctor for eleven days to get removed is this too long READ MORE

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