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How Long Does One Need to Apply Efudex for Results?

I was prescribed Effudex for AK. The doctor wanted me to apply twice a day for six weeks. I could only tolerate three weeks, the burn and pain was... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Laser Help Treat my Skin Cancer?

I am a 53-year-old white female and I live in the harsh South African sun. I have a real problem with skin cancer on my face and I wish to know, will... READ MORE

Will a Cancerous Growth Disappear, I.e. Basil Cell Go Away on Its Own? Can a Plastic Surgeon Diagnose Skin Cancer? (photo)

I have a pimple size bump between lip and right nostril. My elderly dermatologist said it is sebaceous and another younger dermatologist cosmetic... READ MORE

How Do I Check for Skin Cancer Signs?

I'd like tips for making sure i watch out for early signs of skin cancer. READ MORE

How to Alleviate Side Effects from Aldara?

I have been prescribed Aldara for BCC(Basal Cell Carcinoma) and precancer on my entire face. Will I be toxic to my young grandchildren as with other... READ MORE

Can a Bug Bite Cause Basal Cell Carcinoma? Or Chronic Inflammation/Irritation?

I was bitten on the side of my neck by an unknown insect (not a mosquito) in South Africa one year ago. The bite never completely healed and... READ MORE

Malignant Acrospiroma of Eyebrow - Need a Mohs Surgeon?

My brother was diagnosed with malignant acrospiroma of eyebrow, had a wide excision, but with a positive margins. He is coming to USA for definite... READ MORE

Large Moles Possibly Melanoma?

I have a couple of large, flat moles, and a couple raised. They do not grow nor bleed or ooze; are uniform in colour; and are pretty symmetrical.... READ MORE

I Have a Bilateral Tumor on my Lash Line

It may be basal cell carcinoma what do you recommend READ MORE

Melanoma of Nail Bed? (photo)

Symptoms: irregular shaped brown spot on proximal area of nail cuticle with no skin extension, one color with one thin transverse extension confined... READ MORE

Does Basal Cell Carcinoma Still Pose Health Risk if Only Under the Skin?

I had a small lesion removed from top of hand 5 years ago by a local doctor by excision. Biopsy results indicated it basal cell carcinoma and... READ MORE

Could this be cancerous? New skin lesion, hard to tell if mole or pimple? (photo)

I am concerned of a new skin lesion that I developed the first week of June. It first appeared as a pimple like look, but has never been painful or... READ MORE

Do you think this is melanoma/skin cancer? (Photo)

My son aged 5 has a tiny mole in the middle of his back it was dark so waited sept time to take him to the doctors where the doctor said keep an eye... READ MORE

New Cancerous Mole Growing Near Biopsy Site?

My husband had a biopsy on his chest and was found to have squamous cell cancer. He is scheduled for surgery in two weeks. We just noticed that he now... READ MORE

Have A Growth Between My Neck and Shoulder and Getting Worse. How Long is Too Long To Treat it? (photo)

I have had this growth for a few years.started out small and has grown more in the past 6 doctor told me to freeze it about 6 months ago... READ MORE

I have what feels like a small pimple on my scalp, and I'm wondering if it could be skin cancer? (Photo)

I've had this little bump for years, its the color of my scalp which is white/tan. I never worried about it until now. Its fairly small hasn't grown... READ MORE

Does this look like it could be subungual melanoma? (Photo)

After I had my baby 18 months ago I had this black line down my thumb nail. It used to be darker but it is still there. Recently I heard it could be... READ MORE

How Fast Do Squamous Cell Carcimonas Grow?

My husband was just diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on his face near his face, it seemed to grow pretty quickly and he now says he feels it... READ MORE

Recommended Liquid Makeup to Conceal Red Blotches Caused by Efudex?

Is there a liquid makeup that can be used to cover the red blotches created through the usage of Efudex during the 14-day regimen that is prescribed... READ MORE

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