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How Do I Know my Doctor Removed All of my Basal Cell Carcinoma?

I went to see my derm four weeks ago for a bump on my nose. She treated it immediately as bcc, saying that it was small and did not go very deep. She... READ MORE

Mole Questions, Could This Be Cancer?

Two years ago I had a dermatologist remove a mole from my stomach that came back mildly atypical but all was removed. Feb. 2013 annual check up good.... READ MORE

Is Melanoma Hormonally Driven?

I developed melanoma during a pregnancy. I was 34 at the time. I have had a few friends develop it during pregnancies as well. I've read that... READ MORE

I Have Had a Squamous Removed Now the Consultant Wants a Urine Sample. Why?

I Have Had a Squamous Removed Now the Consultant Wants a Urine Sample.why READ MORE

Lump Where Skin Graft Was Taken for Surgery?

I had a graft taken from my leg in 2012 for skin cancer reconstruction surgery. The scar is healing well, but now there's a lump on the line of the... READ MORE

Can you use tissue from under the eye as a skin graft?

My husband just had a melanoma removed from the side of his nose. At this stage the wound is about 2.5 cm round and has been left open just in case... READ MORE

Can a Stage 4 Skin Melanoma Heal on It's Own?

I was diagnosed last year with a level 3, stage 4 tiny skin melanoma on my left arm. Before surgery two weeks later there was no visible sign of the... READ MORE

How Long to Get a Reaction from Aldara?

I have had MOH's surgery and cryotherapy in the last 4 months for basal cell cancer and AK. Am currently using generic for Aldara (Imimiquoid) 5%... READ MORE

What Should I Look for After Skin Cancer Excision?

Had half Basal and half Squamous skin cancer on the side of my nose and the exiscion went through full thickness of nose. The margins are clear but... READ MORE

How many types of serum do I need for my face?

I have been using HA serum, but I heard that my face needs vitamin a, b, and c as well. Is it true? So is it ok to get 4 different kinds, and... READ MORE

What Should I Expect the Sight of a Basal Cell Removal to Look Like After 3.5 Weeks? (photo)

I had a basal cell removed from my upper left arm 3.5 weeks ago. after two weeks, the stitches were removed and steristrips were placed on it. I was... READ MORE

Bumps on and Just Above Incision Line Where Basal Cell Carcinoma Was Removed (Bumps Do Not Show Up Well in Photos)

I have 2 small flesh-colored bumps where basal cell carcinoma was removed approximately 10 years ago (top of forehead), one directly on the incision... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a bump and itching after a basal cell removal? (Photo)

I had a basal cell removed a few months ago. The scar has a bump under it and sometimes itches. Is this normal? READ MORE

Biopsy of Mole Indicated Severe Atypical Nevus?

Biopsy of mole indicated severe atypical nevus. Pathology report stated "can not rule out Melanoma". Subsequently underwent excision and all tissue... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Regaining Hair Follicles Lost Due to a Skin Graft on my Scalp?

I am a 16 year old girl who has had skin cancer removed on her scalp. I have a skin graft. Recently, I have been bothered by the bald spot. No hair... READ MORE

I had radiation therapy on my nose for Basel cell. I have problems breathing through my nose.

I had radiation therapy on my nose to remove Basel cell. I am 3 weeks after treatment. I a breath through my nose at all. My mouth and throat are very... READ MORE

Discolouration from salicylic acid contained in Johnsons clean and clear cleanser

I used Johnsons clean and clear to treat my acne and it ended up discolouring my face. My cheek and forehead part became darker than other part of my... READ MORE

Should i be worried this spot on my left foot is squamous carcenoma? (photos)

I was diagnosed last year with Squamous Carcenoma and Melanoma. One month ago i noticed a small blister on my left foot. I have tried everything over... READ MORE

I had Insitu-Melanoma surgically removed from the center of my back in 07'.

My old dermatologist retired. I recently got a new dermatologist. My old dermatologist gave me examines once a year. He examined everything -... READ MORE

Can you tell me what this is? I was told it may be basil cell cancer but it is sore and infected. (photo)

I have had it for 2 months. Started as a boil I though but grew. It is sore and infected. I clean it with alchohol. I have no insurance to see a... READ MORE

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