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Infection in Maxillary Sinus. What Surgery is Available to Fix This?

They have tried me on antibiotics and nothing has worked. I had a CT scan which confirmed the infection and am waiting to see my eNT again. I also... READ MORE

Chronic Sinusitis After 4 Sinus Surgeries. Can Anything Else Be Done?

I am 24 years old, and have had 4 sinus surgeries, latest one being January 2012. Now, 7 months later, I have intense sinus headaches and sinus... READ MORE

Could I have SSS silent sinus syndrome? (Photo)

I just noticed recently how uneven my face is. Not only that but also one eye is smaller than the other. When I blink I left like one eye is slower. I... READ MORE

Can Sinusitis cause Dandruff?

Hi I have sinusitis.I cough everyday. And I have terrible dandruff which does not go even after I have used several products. I wanted to know if... READ MORE

Severe sinus pain and minor bleeding, 7 months post op sinus/turbinate/septo/rhino surgery?

I recently asked about my nose bump and 2 septum perforations, this was clarified. However since surgery 7 months ago I've been getting bad sinus... READ MORE

Sinus surgery after effects

I had sinus surgery, the ENT doctor, made the sinus drainage holes four times larger. Three months, later I feel like I'm getting so much air in my... READ MORE

Is there a surgery or something that can be performed to fix reoccurring sinus infections?

I constantly get sinus infections, at least one every two/three months. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? READ MORE

Air flow between nose and mouth. What could I do?

Hi, I had bone graft with sinus lift done 8 days ago. Sutures were removed and for 2 days I have air flow between nose and mouth. What could I do? READ MORE

What should I do following a sinus surgery not working?

5 months prior to now I went through a sinus surgery and they also sized a deviated septum. Still today, 5 months larer I experience the same... READ MORE

Can my sinuses be fixed or replaced?

I was in a boating accident where I was hit by the propellers in the face and it crushed my facial bone on the left side of my face. I was an open... READ MORE

What to consider for Endoscopic sinus surgery and septoplasty (FESS)?

Here are some questions I've come up with, along with questions from friends - what else should I consider: • What are the risks? • Follow up plan tha... READ MORE

By profession, I'm a singer. I recently had a sinus surgery 6 weeks ago. I still have a congested nose.

My voice has been affected after the sinus surgery. Although the nasal blocks have opened, but still it feels like congestion and my voice now sounds... READ MORE

I had sinuses surgery one year ago and I'm still feeling no change. I still feel stopped up. I'm angry

Paid all this money suffered all this pain and still now a year latter still stuffed up can't breath out of nose why MD musta not done job right in at... READ MORE

Can a sinus lift with dental implant change your facial contour?

I have a missing upper left molar and my oral surgeon needs to do a sinus lift with bone graft in order to place an implant. He also tells me that due... READ MORE

Otrivin after sinus surgery?

Hi, i had sinus surgery on Wednesday. My nasal packings taken out yesterday. My doc said i must you otrivin 4 times a day for 4 days. But in otrivins... READ MORE

I have a loss of hearing 1 month after sinus surgery (polyp, straitening of sinus). What can be done?

In July this year and it is now Dec some ten weeks ago I woke with loss of hearing to an extent and it has got worse since so much that I now cant... READ MORE

When I lay down or sleep I can't breathe through one side of my nose. And sometimes I get a foul smell from my nose.

I can still breathe through both noses but it's a little harder on when side when I lean into it. I also get a foul smell in my nose when I tilt it. READ MORE

Sinus lift; need or don't need? (Photos)

Getting 6 or 8 inplants , bone graft.....with full contour zirconia bridge. Do I need a sinus lift? READ MORE

Any idea what this may be and if I should wait to get into the doctor or go to the emergency room? (Photo)

I had sinus surgery over a year ago to remove a bone spur and straighten my septum, the recovery was rough .I felt like something may have been left... READ MORE

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