Infection + Sinus Surgery

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Infection in Maxillary Sinus. What Surgery is Available to Fix This?

They have tried me on antibiotics and nothing has worked. I had a CT scan which confirmed the infection and am waiting to see my eNT again. I also... READ MORE

MRSA After Sinus Surgery. Am I More Prone to Infection in Future?

I had sinus surgery 2 years ago and ended up with a pretty nasty infection that took about 5 months to get rid of. I was put on Cipro, bactrum, and... READ MORE

Achromobacter xylosoxidans Infection in sinus cavity was found during sinus surgery

I have Achromobacter xylosoxidans Infection and a staph infection in my sinus' which they found after doing the labs from the surgery. The antibiotics... READ MORE

Why I do I still have pain in my sinuses 5 weeks after FESS surgery?

After suffering from chronic sinusitis I had FESS surgery. The doctor said all 4 sinuses were diseased, they opened up all the sinuses and removed... READ MORE

Is it normal to get a sinus infection 3 months after sinus surgery?

I had sinus surgery 3 months ago. I followed all of my post op instructions carefully and I've been breathing so much better, until today. I'm almost... READ MORE

Infection after implants and sinus lift. Are headaches normal?

I had a sinus lift and four implants in upper jawbone. It has been now four weeks since my surgery and I still have some pain and it feels to be... READ MORE

Pain in back of nose, and fatigue when talking.

I'm living in Asia, and the problem started the time I came here, 5 years ago (also the same time when I became a teacher). After talking 20 minutes,... READ MORE

Did my sinus surgery go wrong?

I had endoscopic sinus surgery on the right side three years ago for congestion. Since then I've had constant, thick drainage that won't stop even... READ MORE

Packing left inside post op for 8 weeks and infection. How normal is it for this sort of reaction?

I had sinus surgery back in April. Within two weeks i had a smell and taste like something was rotting. Packing was left in and removed after 8 weeks... READ MORE

Post sinus problems?

I need help I had fess and a sphnoidotpny and balloon sinusplasty 4.5 weeks ago! I have an infection now as my head is pulsating I have awful... READ MORE

How would a sinus lift surgery added bone stay attached to my jaw if there is no bone left?

I suffer from parodontosis and due to that I lost my upper jaw bone and the implants i had got infected. With a surgery my dentist cleaned the... READ MORE

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