Deviated Septum + Sinus Surgery

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Infection in Maxillary Sinus. What Surgery is Available to Fix This?

They have tried me on antibiotics and nothing has worked. I had a CT scan which confirmed the infection and am waiting to see my eNT again. I also... READ MORE

Flushed Face, Frontal Sinuses?

I have recently been to an ent who did a ct scan on my frontal sinuses, although they were clear I have a deviated septum and swollen turbinates or... READ MORE

I used Tobacco after Sinus Surgery and Deviated Septum. Should I be concerned?

Six days after having sinus surgery, which also included a septoplasty for a deviated septum, I used dip chewing tobacco. Will using chewing tobacco a... READ MORE

Is this chronic sinusitis? Left side of face have been swollen for almost 2 years, every single day, but I have no pain (Photo)

At first i only noticed eye swelling so, as all was fine, ophthalmologist prescribed a CT scan of head/brain,it showed i have Turbinate hypertrophy... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel like you have the flu a week after sinus surgery?

I had sinuses cleaned and deviated septum corrected 8 days ago. The surgery was over two hours long and quite extensive. I had packing and splints... READ MORE

Did I really need sinus and nasal surgery? (Photo)

I did sinus exploration and nasal septal deviation surgery. i didnt have headache before but after the surgery (2 weeks now) i started to feel... READ MORE

How can I get relief from my sinus headache?

I dont have a runny nose most of the time when i have a sinus headaches. generaly most of the time its hard for me to breathe through the right... READ MORE

Would you feel comfortable performing sinus surgery and rhinoplasty on a heart patient?

I have Brugada Syndrome. A sodium channel defect that causes cardiac arrest. I have a defibrillator. I saw a dual certified ENT for chronic sinus... READ MORE

Would a Sinus Lift procedure potentially cause problems for a future septoplasty procedure?

I am considering a dental implant, which will require a sinus lift procedure. The reason for the procedure is to insure there is enough bone material... READ MORE

Surgery? HELP!

I have had chronic, worsening sinus pain for the past year. At times it is bad enough I can not function. I am now on Tramadol for the pain on a... READ MORE

One side of nose congested after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

I had Endoscopic Sinus Surgery last week to fix a very deviated septum. Before the surgery, I couldn't breathe out of the left side of my nose at all.... READ MORE

What should I do following a sinus surgery not working?

5 months prior to now I went through a sinus surgery and they also sized a deviated septum. Still today, 5 months larer I experience the same... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about getting another deviated septum surgery while getting a balloon sinuplasty done?

One ENT Dr (they no longer take my insurance) said I didn't need and don't recommend a second septum surgery in order to get a balloon sinuplasty on... READ MORE

Sinus Pain Daily. Get Worse With Talking/Singing?

Daily sinus pain made worse with talking, singing for months. Have tried antibiotics, nasal irrigation and steroids. Use sleep apnea machine nightly... READ MORE

Deep pain an inch above ear. Any suggestions?

I have had a history of chronic sinus infections and I also had nose surgery to fix my deviated septum. The last 3-4 days it has been pretty bad and... READ MORE

Turbinate Reduction & 30% deviated septum fix is recommended. What should I expect post op? What should I ask pre op?

I usually know all about something before I have it done but I don't know a thing about this sinus surgery so I'm researching and want to be sure I... READ MORE

Would going under anesthesia cause excessive oiliness with skin and scalp?

I recently (2 weeks ago) had sinus surgery and correction of a deviated septum. Since I had my packing removed two days after the surgery, my skin and... READ MORE

Sinus operation, and nasal secretions still after two months?

I have done Sinus operation and deviated septum and adenoids, two months and a half ago and still I have a nasal secretions and when reviewing Dr. He... READ MORE

What can I do to stop this pain? (Photos)

I was hit with a bat when I was young about 3 months ago I went to see an ENT and I had a sinuplasty done but it didn't help. I have a... READ MORE

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