Congestion + Sinus Surgery

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Congested Nose After Sinus Surgery?

I had a sinus surgery 3 weeks ago. It included: frontal sinus, antrum, intranasal op, Turbinates, submucus resection. Almost 3 weeks after the surgery... READ MORE

Nasal Voice 3 Weeks After Sinus Surgery. Will It Go Away?

My surgery included turbinate reduction and a combination of balloon sinuplasty/FESS. Recovery has gone well, and my three weekly post-op debridements... READ MORE

I had sinus surgery 3 months ago and it's still not clear on the left side. What should I do?

I had endorscopic surgey on 4/29/2014. I am still stuffy on the left side and it always feel like I want to blow my nose but nothing comes out. I went... READ MORE

Still congested after sinus surgery 3 months ago. Had allergy testing.

Hello, I started feeling sick in October of 2013. I went to physician and they thought i had a head cold and slight confusion. Went to ENT who removed... READ MORE

How much will sinus drainage cost for someone without insurance.

In the summer I played soccer and after preseason I used to take ice baths . Since then a week or so after I started feeling really co gested my nose... READ MORE

İs it normal to have nasal congestion three weeks after sinus surgery?

I had a unilateral sinus surgery and bilateral turbinate radiofrequency 3 weeks ago. I have been rinsing my nose three times a day and I am using a... READ MORE

Sinus congestion after endoscopic sinus surgery, 2 months post.

I had endoscopic sinus surgery in early Aug after few years of chronic sinus issues. My R side of my sinuses has no real issues. The L side and the... READ MORE

One side of nose congested after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

I had Endoscopic Sinus Surgery last week to fix a very deviated septum. Before the surgery, I couldn't breathe out of the left side of my nose at all.... READ MORE

By profession, I'm a singer. I recently had a sinus surgery 6 weeks ago. I still have a congested nose.

My voice has been affected after the sinus surgery. Although the nasal blocks have opened, but still it feels like congestion and my voice now sounds... READ MORE

I had sinus surgery (FESS) 8 weeks ago after almost 2 years of facial and upper teeth pain.

My left maxillary was completely blocked with chronic congestion and vascular congestion in the biopsy; my right side was only open by a pin hole. My... READ MORE

is it normal to have swelling 3 weeks post balloon sinuplasty.

I had ballon sinuplasty 3 weeks ago in both maxillary sinuses.I am still really congested and can't breath thru my nose. I'm taken steriods and am on... READ MORE

After sinus surgery, when might the nasal congestion end and breathing become 'normal'?

The details of my surgery are : - it was 8 days ago . - the operation was septuplets you with bilateral endoscopic& reduction of inferior... READ MORE

Deep pain an inch above ear. Any suggestions?

I have had a history of chronic sinus infections and I also had nose surgery to fix my deviated septum. The last 3-4 days it has been pretty bad and... READ MORE

Why does it sound so congested when I say NNNN after my FESS operation?

I had the Fess done in June.. after that I was discharged to home... I however picked up a nasty infection and the doctor had to do surgery(fess)... READ MORE

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