Congestion + Sinus Surgery

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Congested Nose After Sinus Surgery?

I had a sinus surgery 3 weeks ago. It included: frontal sinus, antrum, intranasal op, Turbinates, submucus resection. Almost 3 weeks after the surgery... READ MORE

Nasal Voice 3 Weeks After Sinus Surgery. Will It Go Away?

My surgery included turbinate reduction and a combination of balloon sinuplasty/FESS. Recovery has gone well, and my three weekly post-op debridements... READ MORE

I had sinus surgery 3 months ago and it's still not clear on the left side. What should I do?

I had endorscopic surgey on 4/29/2014. I am still stuffy on the left side and it always feel like I want to blow my nose but nothing comes out. I went... READ MORE

Still congested after sinus surgery 3 months ago. Had allergy testing.

Hello, I started feeling sick in October of 2013. I went to physician and they thought i had a head cold and slight confusion. Went to ENT who removed... READ MORE

How much will sinus drainage cost for someone without insurance.

In the summer I played soccer and after preseason I used to take ice baths . Since then a week or so after I started feeling really co gested my nose... READ MORE

İs it normal to have nasal congestion three weeks after sinus surgery?

I had a unilateral sinus surgery and bilateral turbinate radiofrequency 3 weeks ago. I have been rinsing my nose three times a day and I am using a... READ MORE

One side of nose congested after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

I had Endoscopic Sinus Surgery last week to fix a very deviated septum. Before the surgery, I couldn't breathe out of the left side of my nose at all.... READ MORE

Deep pain an inch above ear. Any suggestions?

I have had a history of chronic sinus infections and I also had nose surgery to fix my deviated septum. The last 3-4 days it has been pretty bad and... READ MORE

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