Breathing Problems + Sinus Surgery

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Turbinate Reduction or Nasal Cycle?

I have a trouble breathing that switches nostrils periodically. There is a significant difference between each nostril, almost being unable to breathe... READ MORE

I Think my Airway Issues Are Caused by Underdeveloped Maxilla. Need MD. Is Plastic Surgery or Oral Surgery? (photo)

I am 36 and have been snoring and sighing in my sleep and wke up with a sort of raw feeling in my upper soft palate and back of throat.I have a... READ MORE

Cosmetic or Medical Issue for Breathing Trouble After Sinus Surgery? (photo)

I had a in depth sinus surgery and had a deviated septum at Mass Eye and Ear in 1999 where the ENT also specialized in facial plastics. In addition to... READ MORE

Still congested after sinus surgery 3 months ago. Had allergy testing.

Hello, I started feeling sick in October of 2013. I went to physician and they thought i had a head cold and slight confusion. Went to ENT who removed... READ MORE

My boyfriend has been experiencing problems breathing for more than 5 years.

My boyfriend has a variety of allergies but has gone to his doctor for nasal spray to help open his sinuses. Didnt work. He tried taking Reactin to... READ MORE

Do I need sinus surgery?

I have done nose plastic surgery 15 years ago and I have difficulty breathing since then . Lately my doc told me to do sinus surgery so that can... READ MORE

Las February I've done the endoscopic sinus surgery, now my nose feels blocked again. What can I do?

During these last years I've been having breathing problems, I've caused it my self because I over used Hysan Nasal spray. Last February I've done the... READ MORE

One side of nose congested after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

I had Endoscopic Sinus Surgery last week to fix a very deviated septum. Before the surgery, I couldn't breathe out of the left side of my nose at all.... READ MORE

How can I get relief from my sinus headache?

I dont have a runny nose most of the time when i have a sinus headaches. generaly most of the time its hard for me to breathe through the right... READ MORE

Still unable to breathe through my nose after nasal packing & splints are removed. Is this normal?

I had sinus surgery 5 days ago and had the nasal packings and splints removed 2 days ago. I would assume after the removal of the packing and splints,... READ MORE

When I lay down or sleep I can't breathe through one side of my nose. And sometimes I get a foul smell from my nose.

I can still breathe through both noses but it's a little harder on when side when I lean into it. I also get a foul smell in my nose when I tilt it. READ MORE

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