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Can a frontal sinus infection cause forehead swelling? (Photo)

I've been feeling presure against my forehead lately and i think it's a sinus infection but my forehead has been swelling up above my eyebrows and in... READ MORE

Broken Sinus Cavity Due to Head Injury: is This Dangerous?

His head injury was severe, he has a fractured skull and bleeding in the brain. As we are primarily concerned about the other injuries, I didn't... READ MORE

Turbinate Reduction or Nasal Cycle?

I have a trouble breathing that switches nostrils periodically. There is a significant difference between each nostril, almost being unable to breathe... READ MORE

Infection in Maxillary Sinus. What Surgery is Available to Fix This?

They have tried me on antibiotics and nothing has worked. I had a CT scan which confirmed the infection and am waiting to see my eNT again. I also... READ MORE

Corrective Surgery and Rhinoplasty for my Broken Sinus Cavity?

I recently broke my sinus cavity and it has resulted to constant sinus infections. My surgeon (who is a top plastic surgeon) says he can fix this... READ MORE

I Can Breath Easily out of One Nostril but Can Hardly Breath at All out of the Other One?

Because of the nasal cycle this makes me a mouth breather half the time is their any way to affect or reverse this cycle. READ MORE

Flushed Face, Frontal Sinuses?

I have recently been to an ent who did a ct scan on my frontal sinuses, although they were clear I have a deviated septum and swollen turbinates or... READ MORE

Best Technique for Sinus Surgery?

Is there a specific technique for Sinus Surgery that doctors strongly recommend compared to others? READ MORE

Filing Down a Dorsal Hump During Sinus Surgery - Cost?

I went in recently for my nose and ear issues. They found some pretty severe swelling around my nose because of my sinus's. in fact, i have blown... READ MORE

Mucus and Breathing Through One Side of Nose, What Should I Do?

I'm 27 and I live in Tehran, Iran. 10 years ago I broke my nose and after that I suffer from thick mucus in the back of my throat which is clear... READ MORE

I Think my Airway Issues Are Caused by Underdeveloped Maxilla. Need MD. Is Plastic Surgery or Oral Surgery? (photo)

I am 36 and have been snoring and sighing in my sleep and wke up with a sort of raw feeling in my upper soft palate and back of throat.I have a... READ MORE

Could I have SSS silent sinus syndrome? (Photo)

I just noticed recently how uneven my face is. Not only that but also one eye is smaller than the other. When I blink I left like one eye is slower. I... READ MORE

Can Sinusitis cause Dandruff?

Hi I have sinusitis.I cough everyday. And I have terrible dandruff which does not go even after I have used several products. I wanted to know if... READ MORE

Excising Supraorbital and Supratochlear Nerves for Headache Relief?

I experience an almost daily headache in the left brow region. The pain is specifically located at the start of my left eyebrow. Sinus scans have not... READ MORE

Can Glycerine Be Added to my Nasal Sinus Rinse?

Is it safe to add a couple of drops of glycerine to my nasal rinse everyday? I have read reports that it could cause lipid pneumonia..and other... READ MORE

Annoying Pain in the Forehead Area over the Eyebrow, Sore Eyes. Sleep No Issue and Little or No Pain in Morning? Also Neck Pain

I seen an ENT doctor who sent me for a CT scan of the sinuses. Result was nasel septum deviation on right side. Mucosal thickening of the maxillary... READ MORE

Sinus Pain Daily. Get Worse With Talking/Singing?

Daily sinus pain made worse with talking, singing for months. Have tried antibiotics, nasal irrigation and steroids. Use sleep apnea machine nightly... READ MORE

Can a sinus lift with dental implant change your facial contour?

I have a missing upper left molar and my oral surgeon needs to do a sinus lift with bone graft in order to place an implant. He also tells me that due... READ MORE

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