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Silikon 1000 to Correct Nose After Several Revision Rhinoplasties?

I've had 6 revision rhinos. Based on responses I've received on this site, sounds like another revision is a bad idea. Would it be possible to... READ MORE

Looking for Help to Get Rid of Bumps Around my Mouth After Sillikon 1000, Restylane and Juvederm

Hello doctors, First I'll like to thank you for taking the time and answer to all our concerns . I have had Restilan and Juvederm 3 times between... READ MORE

Lump in Nose After Silikon 1000

Ive had 3 injections of silikon 1000 in my nose and i started to notice a lump in my nose. It migrates and it seems to move when i massage it. It has... READ MORE

Removing Silikon-1000 cosmetic injection lumps from 3 years ago? (Photo)

I had a filler injection done three years ago. A permanent Injectable filler. After a few months, visible lumps began to appear. I've had kenalog... READ MORE

How to reduce volume in nose from Silikon 1000? (Photo)

Wondering if it was possible to reduce volume due to silikon 1000. I had a very sloped nose, which I liked, however, the right side of my nose which... READ MORE

How to Remove It?

Is any body can help me to recommend a specialist who can remove it from my lips . I would like to get my lips back. Please! I already had operations... READ MORE

Can my left nostril be pulled down to match the other? I'd like to avoid a revision. Could it be done with Silikon 1000? (Photo)

I got a septorhimoplasty 10 months ago to remove a small bump and lift my tip a tiny little bit. Results now are an uneven nose and my nostrils... READ MORE

I had Silikon put into my lips several years ago. What are my options now to make them better?

I am not totally unhappy, done by local certified PS (though she no longer practices) BUT they are NOT even, and I would like them fuller. Is my only... READ MORE

Can I use Silkon 1000 to get rid of the Vertical lines above my upper lip?

I never had a problem in this area but last year I developed vertical lines above my upper lip. I always thought that happened to smokers but I've... READ MORE

After having a small amount of Silikon 1000 injected into my lips a few years ago, is it OK to add another type of filler now?

About 5 years ago I had a very small amount of Silikon 1000 using the micro droplet technique injected into my lips to add subtle fullness. I was... READ MORE

Bruising on right upper lip and not plumping up like upper left lip.

Had lips injected with with silikon1000 2 weeks ago, bruising on the right side of upper lip, it is getting better. I have noticed though, the right... READ MORE

Got Silikon 1000 years ago. I want it out. Can I do it with a steroid or something else? I don't want lipo on my face (Photo)

I got Silikon 1000 five years ago. The past year I notice one cheek is bigger & higher than the other. When I smile it actually makes wrinkles... READ MORE

Silicon vs silicone?

Is silikon 1000 silicone or silicon? READ MORE

Lumpy dorsal bumps. Using kenalog cream with frequent injections. How long will this take and does it really help? (Photo)

Its very obvious. I often get questions about my face. Its hard to take a day off of work and school to commute to another state to the Dr.... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 micro droplet cheeks?

Does silicon 1000 done in the micro droplet technique produce a fatty tissue augmentation or a more sharp bone like augmentation? Are the droplets... READ MORE

Silikon 1000, tear troughs implant, are Sculptra and Voluma good? My undereyes are making feel old when I'm 28 (Photo)

Iwant to have kids soonI want to know the best l-lasting solution for my undereyes i searched about fat grafting but it seems tobe hard to predict the... READ MORE

What are the treatment options for overgrowth of lip years after silicone micro droplet injections?

I had Silikon 1000 injected into my upper lip about 13 years ago, at an age when 'Iong-term consequences' had no real meaning. It looked great for... READ MORE

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