Migration + Silikon 1000

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Is There a Risk of Migration with Silikon 1000 Injections?

I have been researching silikon 1000 for years now, and have finally come to the decision that I want my lips done with it.What is the risk of... READ MORE

Why is There So Much Controversy over Silikon 1000 for Lips?

I am interested in permanent fillers but find many doctors warn against it because of migration or other potential risks. There are a couple of... READ MORE

Anyway to Remove Silikon Injections for Butt That Migrated to Legs?

I have been suffering for more than a yr,my legs burn and hurt whn i walk or run. Can't do nothing or my legs get imflamation. Dr.Melos from... READ MORE

If Silikon 1000 is a Permanent Filler, then How Do Doctors Correct Mistakes or Migration Problems?

How common is it to experience migrations after use of Silikon 1000? What is the process for reversing the problems that might occur with this filler? READ MORE

What Method "Cements" the Silikon 1000 in Place?

How much more expensive is the Silikon 1000 technique used to reduce silicon migration and large lumps? What injector type or method should the doctor... READ MORE

Will Silikon 1000 Migrate in the Nose?

I had silikon 1000 injected in the area of my nasal root 2 months ago and it was a disaster, it caused a noticeable lump and im just wondering if i... READ MORE

What's the Chance of Silikon 1000 Migrating from my Buttocks?

What's the Chance of Silikon 1000 Migrating from my Buttocks? READ MORE

Silikon 1000 for acne scars cheek area? (Photo)

Tried tons of lasers totaling over $12,000 in costs. Interested in silikon 1000 as a treatment. Concerned about migration/aging issues, granuloma... READ MORE

Question about Silikon 1000 using Micodroplet technique

I have never had any silicon injections but I have been reading all about it and I am a bit confused ....can you tell me if the product called Silikon... READ MORE

Is it safe to get Silikon 1000 if there is still some remaining Juvederm in the lips?

I am wondering if having any type of filler in the lips before getting silikon1000 would cause it to migrate. READ MORE

Silicon 1000 Injected into Buttocks Now Moving to Thighs Anything I Can Do to Help It?

My girlfriend just had silicon 1000 injected into her buttocks 3 days ago now it looks as if its moving down to her thighs. her butt is still swolen... READ MORE

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