Microdroplet + Silikon 1000

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Will Silikon 1000 work if I am taking Loniten (oral minoxidil)?

I would like to ask doctors who use Silikon 1000, if low dose Loniten is contraindicated. I am on low dose Loniten (5mg per day). I have read... READ MORE

What should I do about permanent filler under the eye?

Plastic surgeon inject micro droplets of silicone 1000 in the under eye area because of hallow in of the eye. The area,just above my cheek, is now... READ MORE

Hardness in lips after Silikon 1000 injections?

I had Silikon 1000 injected in my lips using micro-droplet technique by a certified plastic surgeon. There is no visible deformity, but half of my... READ MORE

Where can I find a doctor that will inject silikon 1000 micro droplets for under eye bag treatment?

I had silikon micro droplets done on my mid face for facial cheek volume loss and it worked out well. However, the doctor won't do this filler for the... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 micro droplet cheeks?

Does silicon 1000 done in the micro droplet technique produce a fatty tissue augmentation or a more sharp bone like augmentation? Are the droplets... READ MORE

What are the treatment options for overgrowth of lip years after silicone micro droplet injections?

I had Silikon 1000 injected into my upper lip about 13 years ago, at an age when 'Iong-term consequences' had no real meaning. It looked great for... READ MORE

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