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Is Silikon 1000 a Bad Idea?

I am thinking about getting Silikon 1000 injections for fuller lips. Is there anything I should know about this? Is it liquid silicone? And would I... READ MORE

How Much Silikon 1000 is Needed for Lip Augmentation?

I have been researching silikon 1000 for years now, and have finally come to the decision that I want my lips done with it.I am wondering how much... READ MORE

Is Silikon 1000 Safe?

I have done extensive research on silicone and all of the horror stories and news reports all seem to stem around industrial grade (not medical)... READ MORE

Can my Silikon 1000 Be Removed? (photo)

I have had .8 cc silikon 1000 in my lips (two treatments). Unfortunately I don't like them and want my old lips and face back. I am loosing sleep over... READ MORE

Is Silikon Legal in Every U.S. State?

A Florida doctor did unsatisfactory silikon injections in my lips for $750. He is refusing to see me for follow up. Is silikon legal in some states... READ MORE

Can Silikon 1000 Make my Lips Dramatically Bigger?

I had fat injections which only lasted 2 months but i loved the results. i want to make my lips as big as possible and i want them to stay that way. READ MORE

Will Silikon 1000 Injections in Lips Look Natural?

I am a singer and have noticed as I am approaching 40 that, even though I've never smoked a day in my life, I am getting scarring around my lips... READ MORE

Is Lip Augmentation Safe During Pregnancy if Injected with Silikon 1000?

Im 4 month pregnant and just had my lips augmented with Silikon1000 by a good doctor, I did not mention to him about being currently 4 month pregnant.... READ MORE

How Many Sessions Are Required for Lip Augmentation and Face Volumizing with Silikon 1000?

Because i have a gummy smile I'd like to have a lip augmentation that is permanent and Silikon 1000 sounds like a solution to me but i'd also... READ MORE

Silikon Lip Injections and Steroid Lip Injections Later on- Will Volume Loss Return?

I had silikon injected into my lips in 2008. Few months later, I wasn't pleased with it, so I got steroids injections to make it go down. My... READ MORE

What's the Best Silikon 1000 Injection Technique?

Since this is a permanent filler and it's going in the lips, I want to make sure that the microdroplet technique comes highly recommended. Are... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 a Good Option for Lip Augmentation?

I appreciate professional medical opinions, but because they seem so extremely varied, I'd really like to know the basis for these opinions. Are... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Inflammation to Improve After Silikon 1000 Lip Augmentation?

What medications can reduce the healing time for a lip filler like Silikon 1000 ? READ MORE

How does collegen form in the lips from Silikon 1000 injections there?

Is it the growth of collegen that enhances the lips, not the Silikon 1000? READ MORE

I had Silikon 1000 injected in my lips & cheek area about 5 yrs ago. I recently have rashes on my face. Is this normal? (photo)

I have had silikon 1000 injected in my lips and cheek area about 5 years ago. Recently, I have been expriencing an exzema like rash on my face. I was... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 disaster, temp fillers not helping, surgery made it worse, don't know what to do. Any suggestions? (photo)

I had silikon 1000 injected in my lips about 8 years ago. Over the years it formed lumps. I had surgery to remove some of it. At first it looked... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 Lumps - What Can Be Done to Make Them Go Away? (photo)

I have had Silikon 1000 injected to my lips 3 times. The third time was spaced about 2 and a half weeks from the last one, and it was only done to the... READ MORE

Gore Tex Implants? (photo)

I had Gore Tex implants done 10 years ago and then had silikon 1000 placed over the gore tex (during the angelina jolie craze) I would like to have... READ MORE

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