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Silikon 1000 for Acne Scars, Overcorrection? (photo)

I recently had my first round of silikon 1000 injections for acne scarring. It has been 6 weeks and all my swelling and bruising seems to be gone, but... READ MORE

Is Silikon 1000 Effective for Boxcar Acne Scars?

Is Silikon 1000 effective for boxcar acne scars? I've read mixed reviews. Also, what are known risks? READ MORE

Conflicting Answers on Silikon 1000 for Acne Scars?

There is so much debate with this that it is so confusing.Why are there many doctors here who are all for silikon 1000 for acne scarring then you have... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate For Silikon 1000 For Rolling Acne Scars While on Accutane?

I'm a 25 year old male taking Accutane. I expect to finish at the end of April or begining of May. I know I shouldn't have surgery on... READ MORE

Silicone Granulomas : Options to treat lumps / overcorrection from medical grade Silikon 1000 microdroplets for acne scars?

I've had silicone microdroplets injected to elevate acne scars and unfortunately have been faced with overcorrection in some spots, resulting in... READ MORE

Are There Any Surgeons in Southern California Who Specialize Silikon 1000 for Acne Scars?

Please any good recommendation would be really appreciated.I am looking for someone who has used silikon 1000 for acne scars READ MORE

I've had microdroplet silikon 1000 for acne scars. I am very happy with the results. Unfortunately now I have skin cancer.

It is in the corner of my nose, a delicate area with little skin to spare. I've been advised photodynamic therapy is an option. However, I also have... READ MORE

I am thinking about using silikon droplets to fill in some depressed acne scars on my face?

However, I asked a plastic surgeon about it, and he said that this type of filler will migrate, drooping down from gravity after so much time has... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 for acne scars cheek area? (Photo)

Tried tons of lasers totaling over $12,000 in costs. Interested in silikon 1000 as a treatment. Concerned about migration/aging issues, granuloma... READ MORE

What procedures and topicals are permitted after Silikon 1000 injections for acne scars?

I received one round of Silikon 1000 injections for acne scars from a doctor who uses the micro-droplet technique. I wanted to take away some sun... READ MORE

I am trying to find a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with Silikon 1000 in MA or CT

I have a few wide depressed acne scars (not ice pick) and have heard great reviews on silikon 1000. I have done the Pearl and 5 PIN procedures.... READ MORE

Silicone acne scars overcorrection?

I just received a silicon filler treatment for acne scarring. Multiple all over my face, one area so far look okay but the right side temple and... READ MORE

Silikon fillers after excision. Any suggestions?

Acne scar excision was preformed about 6 weeks ago with worse results. I've made an appointment to speak with a dermatologist in New York City about... READ MORE

If I had Silikon injections in deep acne scars and they are still a bit indented can I get them refilled with other fillers??

If i had silikon injections into my deep acne scars and they are still a little indented can i get them refilled in with juvaderm or something else or... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 for Cystic Acne?

How many silikon 1000 treatments are needed to reduce severe acne scars?  READ MORE

Will I be able to continue Dermarolling my face after I inject the Silikon-1000 filler to my acne scars on my cheeks?

I would like to know if there would be any problems or restrictions on my ability to continue Dermarolling my face after using the filler Silikon-1000... READ MORE

Failed excision, two Silikon injections, scar will not go away. (photos)

Hello all. I've had three scars on my cheek excisized and I terribly regret that decision. Months later after the scar became mature I opted into... READ MORE

How to treat Silikon 1000 lumps?

Have some scars that have been overfilled for acne scars, how can I treat that and also the redness associated with the injection. Its been exactly a... READ MORE

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