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Is Silicone Injection in the Testacles, Penis, Butt by a Doctor Safe? Many Friends Have Done This.

I have many friends who have made the trip to Tijuana and had their penis, testicles, butt, biceps enlarged with silicone. Aside from occasional... READ MORE

Dermal Fillers After Facial Silicone Injections

I had botched silicone injections in my face some time ago.  I learned my lesson, but I am now curious if I can use other fillers.  Is it OK... READ MORE

Safety of Nasal Liquid Silicone Injections

On a recent rhinoplasty follow-up visit I was injected with liquid silicone to improve the results. The doctor gave me the shot "matter of... READ MORE

Is medical grade silicone safe for being injected into butt?

I hade a BBL 2 years ago. I've always been small but I had about 10 lbs extra and always wanted a bigger bum. I loved the results however they were... READ MORE

Is Silicone Microdroplet Technique on the nose safe in the hands of a highly experienced and qualified plastic surgeon?

5 years ago I had rhinoplasty. In two follow-up visits, the surgeon used the microdroplet technique to inject liquid silicone into one side of my nose... READ MORE

Had silicone injections, done right, small amount, trust the person, anything to worry about?

Hi, I had injections done in February($700 butt and hips, 140cc total) I went back after 2 months (120cc total)I always research in the internet for... READ MORE

Where in Jamaica can I get silicon shot and is it safe?

I don't have much money but I want to no if silicone shots are cheaper READ MORE

Does Someone Know Where I Can Get Injections in my Hips and Butt in Sacramento, CA?

I want to get bigger hips and a bigger butt. I want to know if anybody injects medical grade silicone, hydrogel, PMMA, or any safe substance? If... READ MORE

Are microdroplet silicone injections safe?

Assalaamo-alaikum. Thanks to Dr Fox and Dr Pichler for answering my previous query. I'm 38, female, and Pakistani. I have acne scars, not deep, but... READ MORE

Performing chemical peel after 15 years of silicone injection. Any suggestions?

Hello) I did silicon injection , a very small drops to some scars in my face. That happened 15 years ago. I hope that nothing would happen to me... READ MORE

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