Risk + Silicone Injections

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Silicone Injections Buttocks

I have butt injection for 11 years. I did it because I was seeking to have them big. I never did a research or even trying to find out. Should I be... READ MORE

Risks of Silicone Lip Injections

What is the current status of the risks and FDA approval for Silicone lip injections? What results can be expected from the microdroplet technique? Is... READ MORE

Dangers of Using Silicone Oil As Facial Filler?

I keep getting different information about the use of PMS/Silicone Oil as a facial filler. Is modern use of it really that dangerous? I would like to... READ MORE

Medical Grade Silicone Injections? Why Not?

If medical grade silicone injections are not toxic or unsafe to your body why can they not be injected into your buttocks besides the possibility of... READ MORE

Is Siliconoma Removal by Laser Treatment Safe?

I currently have silicone granulomas that resulted from Silicone injections to the legs 15 years ago. I looked through the intenet and found that in... READ MORE

IPL Safe After Silicone Injections?

I have acne scarring on my face (redness, ice-pick, and rolling scars) and 4 years ago had micro-droplet silicone injections to improve the rolling... READ MORE

Hard Nodule in Upper Eyelid After Surgical Excision of Silicone Filler Lump. Is It Dangerous to Have a Revision? (photo)

I had a surgical excision of silicone filler that migrated from my cheekbones to my upper eyelid, forming visible nodules. 7 months post-op I'm... READ MORE

Is Silicone Oil Are Safe for Facial Filler?what is the Effect After Putting Silicone Oil?

Need help to remove my silicone oil on my check i just have it 2 days ago and i want it remove after i read many story i am scared of what will happen... READ MORE

Could My Mothers Silicone Injections Be Affecting Me So Many Years Later?

In the 70's my mother had silicone breast injections (not implants). She became pregnant with me in 1980 and i was breastfed She became incredibly ill... READ MORE

Silicone Injection Long Term Effects?

I had silicone injections for my acne about 40 years ago and I am now considering Facial Acupuncture. Is there any risks in this ?  READ MORE

Can silicone migrate into my bloodstream even though it never was injected into a vein or artery? Is this the only way?

I got silicone injections 2 years ago. I know I should of never got it. I was young and dumb, I know there is risk of silicone migrating but can it... READ MORE

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