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Silicone Cheek Injections

I have silicone injections in my cheeks that I would like removed. Is there a way to remove it or remove most of it? Would an aggressive lipo remove... READ MORE

How to Remove Silicone Filler?

I recently had silicone as a filler added to an area of my nose. However, the second time, the doctor added too much and now the tip of my nose and... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Injection

In 1998 I had silicone injected straight into the breast. I now have three children and am very aware of huge lumps in my breasts, I had an ultrasound... READ MORE

Correcting Silicone Lip Injection Damage

I was injected with silicone and after that some fillers (one was Juvanex). I have scarring that looks thick on both sides of my mouth. Can... READ MORE

Removing Silicone Breast Injections and Get Implants After?

I had Silicone breast injections 7 years ago. Now, I can feel lumps on both sides but without pain. I  never also have not had (thankfully)... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations to Remove Silicone from Cheeks

I got silicon a year ago on my cheeks and then when i went to get laser hair removal i caught an infection that irritated my silicon and started... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Decrease Silicone Injection on Lips?

I got silicone injections on my lips. The first time I went, they didn’t add any into my top middle lip. So I went back a 2nd time to have them add i... READ MORE

Where Can I Remove my Butt Silicone Injections? (photo)

In September 2010 i had silicone butt injections, a year later i started to have problems . my butt hurts like hell it itches like fleas its hard as a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove Silicone Injected on my Nose Years Ago?

I had a silicone injection in my nose 20 years ago in Asia. I had tried to have it removed ( taken out ) 15 years ago as my nose was and is still is... READ MORE

Need to have biopolymer removed from booty - Looking for a surgeon.

I'm currently looking for a plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic that can remove the biopolymer injected to my buttocks. Please if anyone can... READ MORE

I have silicone injections in my cheeks. What kind of steriods will remove it and how do they work?

Will the steroids make the scar tissue softer? What effects will the steroids have? READ MORE

Any Southeastern FL Surgeons Willing to Remove Silicone Injections? Lips, Chin, Cheeks...

My regular surgeon isn't experienced with this issue and he has been very dismissive of my concerns over the years, even though the situation is... READ MORE

Silicone Oil on Lips 2 Months Ago. Do I Really Have to Wait 6 Months to Remove it?

Hi I had silicone oil injected in to my lips about two months ago by a unlicensed lady bad mistake I have ever made in my life I cry every night... READ MORE

Removing Silicone Injected on Hips?

I had Silicone injected in my hips almost 10 years ago. Now I have some lumps, bruising and it is shifting. I would like to get it removed but don't... READ MORE

How to Remove Elicon Breast Injections?

I had some kind of Breast Augmentation through injectable fillers called Elicon five years ago. What are procedures or treatments to remove this?... READ MORE

I had silicone injections when I was 22 & now I'm having burning sensations in my butt. Please help! (Photo)

I regret having silicone injections ,I don't act like myself anymore, whenever I take the bus there not one person taking a double look ......... I... READ MORE

Injected silicone oil on breast and hips. (photo)

Hi pic with gauze was in 2010 when i had implants. Before getting an implant i had a lil injected oil on my breast and still lil on my hips. Just... READ MORE

How can I remove Silicone or Artefill (not sure which one) that was injected into my nose? (photo)

9 years ago i went to a beautician to do a collagen injection, they didn't tell me exactly what it is they said collagen, then 3 months later i inject... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in New York City experienced with silicone removal from a persons cheeks? (photo)

I had medical grade silicone droplets injected in my cheek a few years ago. now I am getting swelling and lumps around the area and it's becoming an... READ MORE

Is Silicone Oil Are Safe for Facial Filler?what is the Effect After Putting Silicone Oil?

Need help to remove my silicone oil on my check i just have it 2 days ago and i want it remove after i read many story i am scared of what will happen... READ MORE

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