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Is Siliconoma Removal by Laser Treatment Safe?

I currently have silicone granulomas that resulted from Silicone injections to the legs 15 years ago. I looked through the intenet and found that in... READ MORE

Silicone Injection for Cheek Lines?

I wrote in asking about better fat injection methods. I have the indented lines across my cheeks and tried to fill them with fat. The fat goes below... READ MORE

Had Sillcone Put in my Face a Year Ago Really Want It out. Only Had It Done One Time. Options?

Face is swelling someetimes it hruts on one side really want it out please help READ MORE

Silicone Injections 30 Years Ago, and Now Puffy/Swollen?

I had a lot of silicone injected in my cheeks about 30 years ago.. They are very puffy, smooth with no lumps but quite swollen looking. Is there hope... READ MORE

Problem with Nasolabial Silicone Injection

In the 90's, I sought to soften my deepening nasolabial folds (NLF). The plastic surgeon advocated microdroplet silicone. "I wouldn't be... READ MORE

May I have biopolymer gel removed from lower forehead by surgery without scars? (Photo)

I have biopolymer 350 cp injected almost two years ago between eyebrows.After year it's been cspsulated.Even I did not know the name of it.When I... READ MORE

Is subcision or laser feasible after microdroplet silicone injections for acne scars?

I had my acne scars treated with microdoplet silicone injection by a reputable and very experienced dermatologist in New York city. He assured me that... READ MORE

Can PMMA shots be removed and how do I know that this is what was injected in my buttocks?

Two years ago I received what was said to be PMMA shots in my buttocks and had no problem at all but recently I feel soreness and my right cheek feels... READ MORE

I have bad silicone injected in lips and face made it asymmetrical, I want to get rid of it! (Photo)

Can i get rid of permanent lip and face filler other than surgery, sucked out ? They are more swollen in the sun and before my menstrual. READ MORE

What cosmetic procedure do I need to remove a silicone oil permanent filler in my chin? (Photo)

I had a silicone oil filler injected in my chin 10 yrs ago, and i believe this is permanent, in the first couple years i was happy with how it looks... READ MORE

I got butt shots almost 6 years ago. Is something wrong with me? (Photo)

I had got butt shots almost 6 yrs ago, the past year my skin started darkening and haven't been feeling well. Every time I go they say nothing's wrong... READ MORE

I had my lips injected almost two years ago. With silicone filler. (Photo)

I need a Doctor who can restore my lips back to normality. I'm need a consultation so I can repair my disfigured upper lip. READ MORE

What fillers are safe after silicone injections?

Several times over several year i had silicone injected in to my lips. I unfortunately have developed a thicker, more volumous area in the middle of... READ MORE

Silicone Removal Outcome (Photo)

4 yrs ago I decided to have injected silicone from my chin removed. I choose a doctor who specialize in silicone removal ,however my outcome became... READ MORE

There is any test or anything I could do to see if I was injected with any type of silicone or anything else on my buttocks?

When I was 19 year old I decided to get my buttocks inject it I didn't even ask no questions it was only a little bit I never thought or knew bad... READ MORE

What can I do for silicone beading?

Nasal folds had this for 30 yrs. micro droplets slight bumps can they be removed or what is the best type of treatment READ MORE

How can I find out if I had silicone injections placed in my face?

I had injections placed in my face ( mid face ) for more volume but im not sure what they used. How can I find out what was used or if it was... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove butt injections? (Photo)

A few years ago I got your illegal injections , as a result I suffered scarring and discoloration. Is there a way to remove whatever was injected or... READ MORE

I am in desperate need of surgical removal of silicone injections! I am dying a slow and painful death. I'm hopeless (Photo)

8 years ago I made the mistake of having someone inject silicone into my buttocks. The area in which was injected has now become severely inflamed and... READ MORE

Can I get silicone removed from my face please? Can it be excised?

I had silicone injections in my tear ducts by a surgeon many years ago. It was medical grade. What has happened is I now have two small lumps.. Like... READ MORE

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