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Risks of Silicone Lip Injections

What is the current status of the risks and FDA approval for Silicone lip injections? What results can be expected from the microdroplet technique? Is... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Gone Bad

I had silicone gel injected in my upper lip in 2004. now my lip is droopy and completely covers the lower lip, needless to say it looks awful.I was... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Nose and Lip Lumps from Silicone Injections?

I have lumps around my nose and lips from silicone injections. Is there no way to correct that? It is very obvious and irritating.   READ MORE

Cortisone Enough to Help with Silicone Injections Swelling?

Hello, I am from Germany and I had Silicone injections (Microdroplet) done by a plastic surgeon about 3 1/2 month ago. I had no problems with the... READ MORE

New Jersey Silicone Lip Injection Correction Doctor Recommendations

I had Silicone injected into my lips about 10 years ago. I also have had two corrective surgeries, but my lips are still bumpy and too large. I would... READ MORE

Chances of Side Effect from Silicone Lip Injections?

I'm thinking of getting silicon injected into my lips. However, the pictures of actress Lisa Rinna are scary. Can anyone tell me if that's what... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Decrease Silicone Injection on Lips?

I got silicone injections on my lips. The first time I went, they didn’t add any into my top middle lip. So I went back a 2nd time to have them add i... READ MORE

Will Silicone Injections Lead to an Unwanted Migration?

New Beauty Magazine just printed a story that talked about the danger of using silicone for injections. They said that it will migrate and many people... READ MORE

Silicone Nodules in Lips?

FOOLISHLY,I had .25 cc of silicone (Adatosil) injected in upper lip and philtral columns.Now, 5 small palpable, occasionally tender,but not visible... READ MORE

Silicone Injections in Lips/now Juvederm XC and 9 Days out Tingling Still?

Constant tingling and pain from the lip injection on my top lip. I wonder "IF" injecting the Juvederm XC into the top lip on top of the previous... READ MORE

Natural Fillers Following Silicon Injections 13 Years Ago?

I had silicon lip injections to my top lip in 2000. I feel like it has gone down. My Botox lady suggested I use fillers to plump it up again. Because... READ MORE

I have bad silicone injected in lips and face made it asymmetrical, I want to get rid of it! (Photo)

Can i get rid of permanent lip and face filler other than surgery, sucked out ? They are more swollen in the sun and before my menstrual. READ MORE

I have a problem with my lips after silicon injection. What should I do? (Photo)

Lumps and swelling all over my upper lip. I made a silicon injection only one time in my life. A month ago. I am in Saint martin for the next teo... READ MORE

I had my lips injected almost two years ago. With silicone filler. (Photo)

I need a Doctor who can restore my lips back to normality. I'm need a consultation so I can repair my disfigured upper lip. READ MORE

What fillers are safe after silicone injections?

Several times over several year i had silicone injected in to my lips. I unfortunately have developed a thicker, more volumous area in the middle of... READ MORE

Is .4 cc of silicone injection in each lip enough to make a difference on lips? (Photo)

So I went to a consultation and was told that I would be receiving .4cc of silicone injection on "each side" . Does that mean each lip? Also is that... READ MORE

My silicone lips have deflated what product can I use now . (Pictures)

Scared to add another product to my old silicone lips ( done 18 years ago ) . Please help .liked the fullness before . READ MORE

1 yr & 10 months Silicone Injections, I have bumps in my lips. Is this normal? (photos)

I had silicone injection done 1 year and 10 month ago. With medical grade silicone done in the micro droplet technique. I know a lot of doctors dont... READ MORE

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