Inflammation + Silicone Injections

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Can Anything Reduce Chronic Inflammation Due to Facial Silicone Injections?

I have had microdroplet silicone injections in my cheeks to fill depressed and sunken areas on my cheek. As a result the silicone had caused a chronic... READ MORE

Facial Silicone Granuloma (Forehead and Cheeks Area)? (photo)

Please! I am desperate looking for a solution for my mother who had some silicone injections in the forehead about 4 years ago. Now she is having... READ MORE

May I have biopolymer gel removed from lower forehead by surgery without scars? (Photo)

I have biopolymer 350 cp injected almost two years ago between eyebrows.After year it's been cspsulated.Even I did not know the name of it.When I... READ MORE

Constant redness of nose due to silicone injection. Any suggestions?

Is there any ointments or new treatments that could help with constant inflamation. We have tried lazer treatment 10 yrs ago with no success. Any new... READ MORE

8 months ago had silicone injected in jawline and it has migrated. How do I find someone qualified to remove it?

Eight months ago, I was injected with (liquid silicon) throughout my mandible (jaw) area. It is now under my chin & down neck. Thermal imaging... READ MORE

Who can I go to for silicone micro droplet excision and is it my only hope of ending the cycle? (photos)

I had silicone microdroplets injected by 3 different doctors over the past 10 years to correct a terrible dermabrasion procedure on my left cheek.... READ MORE

Silicone Removal Outcome (Photo)

4 yrs ago I decided to have injected silicone from my chin removed. I choose a doctor who specialize in silicone removal ,however my outcome became... READ MORE

Best treatment for silicone oil injection removal by cut or or by fat grafting? (Photo)

I have read many responses to silicone removal and I would like to know in the event that one doesn't have granulomas, but has tissue damage from... READ MORE

I am in desperate need of surgical removal of silicone injections! I am dying a slow and painful death. I'm hopeless (Photo)

8 years ago I made the mistake of having someone inject silicone into my buttocks. The area in which was injected has now become severely inflamed and... READ MORE

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