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Silicone Injections Before Dermabrasion and Acne Scar Revision?

I have some deep acne scars and superficial irregularities.  I have recently decided to treat deeper scars with silicone microdroplets. ... READ MORE

Dangers of Using Silicone Oil As Facial Filler?

I keep getting different information about the use of PMS/Silicone Oil as a facial filler. Is modern use of it really that dangerous? I would like to... READ MORE

Cortisone Enough to Help with Silicone Injections Swelling?

Hello, I am from Germany and I had Silicone injections (Microdroplet) done by a plastic surgeon about 3 1/2 month ago. I had no problems with the... READ MORE

Treatment for Facial Granulomas After Silicone Injections

My mother had silicone injections (biopolymer) applied in face and since 3 years ago has facial granulomas, facial swelling, redness and pain mainly... READ MORE

Positive Effects of Pharmaceutical Grade Facial Silicone Injections

Many people I know are looking for permanent facial fillers--for obvious reasons. Can a facelift be done with such fillers; and what other fillers, if... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have CO2 Laser if I Have Liquid Silicone Injection on the Face? (photo)

I've had liquid silicone injection 5 years ago, now I want to get my acne scar treated(mild scaring). According to some post here YAG laser is safe... READ MORE

What to Do About Festoons from Silicone Injections?

I had silicone injected into my face years ago, and I now have festoons under my eyes. Is there anything that can help me? READ MORE

Problem with Liquid Silicone Injections in the Face? (photo)

I received facial silicone injections in the early 80s. I never had any complications until about a year ago when I started developing a dark patch on... READ MORE

Complications After Silicone Injections to the Face

I had illlegal silicone injections of the face, and am suffering. I have reddness, burning, lumps, and inflammation, esp. under the eyes. Does anyone... READ MORE

What are the dangers of PMMA injections in the face? (photo)

I had a dermabrasion and injections for acne scars in another country. In other countries, PMMA is used as filler and unfortunately, I trusted the... READ MORE

Would injected silicone on my face continue to move downwards or droop after 9 years from injected date?

I had silicone injected into my face 9 years ago. It has traveled downwards a little since then. I have found a highly qualified doctor who has... READ MORE

The injected silicone on face would continue to move downwards or droop even after 10 years from injected date .

 I had Silicon injected to my cheek more than 10 yeas ago and 3 years ago the left side of my face started to move down and even when I pushed it... READ MORE

How do I get rid of unsightly bumps on my face caused by one silicone injection?

It's hard to get a picture close-up and from the side, but is there ANYTHING that will help get rid of these of these unsightly bumps. I had it done... READ MORE

Silicone Injection Long Term Effects?

I had silicone injections for my acne about 40 years ago and I am now considering Facial Acupuncture. Is there any risks in this ?  READ MORE

How can I find out if I had silicone injections placed in my face?

I had injections placed in my face ( mid face ) for more volume but im not sure what they used. How can I find out what was used or if it was... READ MORE

Looking for board certified Doctor in Los Angeles

Can you refer me to a Doctor that does permanent silicone injections for face / cheeks in the Los Angeles area please? READ MORE

Performing chemical peel after 15 years of silicone injection. Any suggestions?

Hello) I did silicon injection , a very small drops to some scars in my face. That happened 15 years ago. I hope that nothing would happen to me... READ MORE

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