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What Can I Do About Cheek Lumps from Silicone Injections?

I had silicone injections to my cheeks an now i have 3 small lumps on the side of my cheek that are very obvious?? Is there anything i can do to... READ MORE

Silicone Injection for Cheek Lines?

I wrote in asking about better fat injection methods. I have the indented lines across my cheeks and tried to fill them with fat. The fat goes below... READ MORE

Can Anything Reduce Chronic Inflammation Due to Facial Silicone Injections?

I have had microdroplet silicone injections in my cheeks to fill depressed and sunken areas on my cheek. As a result the silicone had caused a chronic... READ MORE

Swelling After Silicone Microdroplet Treatment?

I had the microdroplet technique for acne scarring 8 weeks ago and still have a small area of swelling on one of my cheeks. The area is about an inch... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Cortisone Injections in Indianapolis

I was told that cortisone injections could help with silicone injection complications..Ive been to a dermatologist for cortisone injections 2day an... READ MORE

Kentucky Plastic Surgeon Doctor Recommendations

Any colleagues in KY who would could help me with silicone problems? Thanfully, I don't look deformed or anything. I only had two treatments to my... READ MORE

Would injected silicone on my face continue to move downwards or droop after 9 years from injected date?

I had silicone injected into my face 9 years ago. It has traveled downwards a little since then. I have found a highly qualified doctor who has... READ MORE

The injected silicone on face would continue to move downwards or droop even after 10 years from injected date .

 I had Silicon injected to my cheek more than 10 yeas ago and 3 years ago the left side of my face started to move down and even when I pushed it... READ MORE

Injected silicone in cheek?

I had injected silicone in my cheek 4 years ago became lump cheek. And a i had a dissolvable facelift last month i think the silicone spread to my... READ MORE

Silicone 1000 vs silicone 5000?

I'm researching silicone micro droplet technique for cheek augmentation. I know silicone 5000 has a higher viscosity than silicone 1000. Does silicone... READ MORE

Will my silicone injection be ok?

I had silicone injections in my cheeks in lips. I got it done in small amounts. For my cheeks 3 cc each cheek about 6 Times ( 1 Month waiting in... READ MORE

Looking for board certified Doctor in Los Angeles

Can you refer me to a Doctor that does permanent silicone injections for face / cheeks in the Los Angeles area please? READ MORE

Where can I get medical grade silicone?

I have had two treatments when i was in my 20s and they were done so expertly with medical grade silicone by a doctor that really new what he was... READ MORE

Can micro droplets of silicone done 5 yrs,ago. I have that puffy cheek look. Any suggestions?

Can another filler be used to fill out areas above cheeks and hollows under eyes. I see that you have to live with this distorted look. Can juviderm... READ MORE

10 yrs ago I had what I believe were silicone injections in my cheeks,I was told at the time they were permanent. (photo)

10 years ago I had what I believe were silicone injections in my cheeks in the UK,I was told at the time they were permanent. In the last couple of... READ MORE

Will Fidelis cover This Surgery? Please help?

Hello i had silicone injection in my cheeks it hurts so badddd im getting bad headaches and dreams and light headed and its moving from its normal... READ MORE

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