Buttocks + Silicone Injections

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Silicone Injections Buttocks

I have butt injection for 11 years. I did it because I was seeking to have them big. I never did a research or even trying to find out. Should I be... READ MORE

Possible Side Effects of Silicone Buttock Injections?

I had silicone butt injections 5 years ago. What type of future problems from silicone butt injections should I look out for, or may be a possibility?... READ MORE

Pain After Silicone Injections on Butt?

I had 1000cc's of silikon1000 injection into the buttocks 2 yrs. ago. Then last summer 1000cc's of adatosil5000 injected into the buttocks I... READ MORE

Medical Grade Silicone Injections? Why Not?

If medical grade silicone injections are not toxic or unsafe to your body why can they not be injected into your buttocks besides the possibility of... READ MORE

How to Fix Complications from Silicone Injections?

This is the first time I am reaching out. I have yet to see a doctor because I don’t know where to go or who to turn to because this was all... READ MORE

Massage for Hardening After Silicone Butt Injections?

I had silicone butt injections 5 years ago. Is it best to “massage” an area that seems to be hardening up a little? READ MORE

Some doctors say yes and a lot say no. Can silicone buttock injections be removed? Liposuctioned out?

Some doctors say yes and a lot say no. Once and for all, are silicone injections on the buttocks removable, if need be? Is it possible to have... READ MORE

I had silicone butt injections 5 years ago. Silicone Buttock Injections Be Removed?

 I have heard of one girl I knew years ago that got “Biogel” in Columbia, and had problems within a month. When she got back in the US, they say... READ MORE

Seeking Surgeon to Remove Liquid Silicone

I am looking for a doctor to remove Liquid Silicone from my butt. I had it injected 3 years ago and have had many complications. I do not have a lot... READ MORE

Treating Dark Skin from Hip and Buttocks Silicone Injections?

Hello .. i am 33 yr old woman who had silcone injected into my hps and buttocks in 1995. i havent experienced any problems . on dizziness. etc. but i... READ MORE

Where in the Buttocks is Silicone Injected?

Where exactly is the silicone injected, into the buttock tissues or into the muscle? The reason I ask is because there seems to be a lot of confusion... READ MORE

Pain and Lump After Silicone Butt Injections

Im Having Mild Pain and a Lump the Size of a Golf Ball on One Side from Silicone Butt Injections. Help? READ MORE

Where Can I Remove my Butt Silicone Injections? (photo)

In September 2010 i had silicone butt injections, a year later i started to have problems . my butt hurts like hell it itches like fleas its hard as a... READ MORE

Need to have biopolymer removed from booty - Looking for a surgeon.

I'm currently looking for a plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic that can remove the biopolymer injected to my buttocks. Please if anyone can... READ MORE

Removing Silicone Injections on Butt?

I also have had silicon injected in my buttock and I want to have it removed, I believe I have developed some granulomas and I am very uncomfortable... READ MORE

Studies or Medical Advancements for Removing Silicone Butt Injections?

Are there any studies and/or medical advances currently under way to find a method of removal for silicone butt injections? READ MORE

Are Silicone Butt Injections Illegal?

I had several butt injections to enhance, lift and reshape my butt 10 years ago. I do believe it was silicone that was used from the descriptions... READ MORE

I had silicone injections when I was 22 & now I'm having burning sensations in my butt. Please help! (Photo)

I regret having silicone injections ,I don't act like myself anymore, whenever I take the bus there not one person taking a double look ......... I... READ MORE

Silicone Injections + Thermage or VelaShape to Even Out Some of the Areas??

I have silicone injected in my hips and buttocks. I would like to know if i can even out some of the area with either thermage or vela shape. READ MORE

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