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Risks of Silicone Lip Injections

What is the current status of the risks and FDA approval for Silicone lip injections? What results can be expected from the microdroplet technique? Is... READ MORE

Silicone Injections Before Dermabrasion and Acne Scar Revision?

I have some deep acne scars and superficial irregularities.  I have recently decided to treat deeper scars with silicone microdroplets. ... READ MORE

Dangers of Using Silicone Oil As Facial Filler?

I keep getting different information about the use of PMS/Silicone Oil as a facial filler. Is modern use of it really that dangerous? I would like to... READ MORE

Is Liquid Silicone Safe?

Is liquid silicone the same silicone that was once banned by the FDA?   READ MORE

Is Silicone Injection in the Testacles, Penis, Butt by a Doctor Safe? Many Friends Have Done This.

I have many friends who have made the trip to Tijuana and had their penis, testicles, butt, biceps enlarged with silicone. Aside from occasional... READ MORE

Medical Grade Silicone Injections? Why Not?

If medical grade silicone injections are not toxic or unsafe to your body why can they not be injected into your buttocks besides the possibility of... READ MORE

Is Silicone a Good Filler for Depressed Scars?

I started having acne at 24 and was left with bad scrring since then i have tried everything from fillers to dermabrasion and lasers wich made the... READ MORE

New Jersey Silicone Lip Injection Correction Doctor Recommendations

I had Silicone injected into my lips about 10 years ago. I also have had two corrective surgeries, but my lips are still bumpy and too large. I would... READ MORE

Chances of Side Effect from Silicone Lip Injections?

I'm thinking of getting silicon injected into my lips. However, the pictures of actress Lisa Rinna are scary. Can anyone tell me if that's what... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Decrease Silicone Injection on Lips?

I got silicone injections on my lips. The first time I went, they didn’t add any into my top middle lip. So I went back a 2nd time to have them add i... READ MORE

Where in the Buttocks is Silicone Injected?

Where exactly is the silicone injected, into the buttock tissues or into the muscle? The reason I ask is because there seems to be a lot of confusion... READ MORE

Positive Effects of Pharmaceutical Grade Facial Silicone Injections

Many people I know are looking for permanent facial fillers--for obvious reasons. Can a facelift be done with such fillers; and what other fillers, if... READ MORE

Silicone Injections Cost

How is Silicone filler priced? By the unit? By the syringe? READ MORE

Micro-droplet Silicone Injections to Correct Asymmetrical Nasal Tip?

I am considering having a filler injected to correct my nasal tip. I have had three rhinoplasties. The first was purely cosmetic, the last two were to... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Silicone Injections?

How long does the swelling last after Silicone Injections? What are the other side effects of injecting silicone into the nasolabial wrinkles? How... READ MORE

Longevity of Silicone Micro-droplet Injection Results on Acne Scars?

How long will silicone micro-droplet injection last on depressed acne scars? READ MORE

Silicone Injection for Cheek Lines?

I wrote in asking about better fat injection methods. I have the indented lines across my cheeks and tried to fill them with fat. The fat goes below... READ MORE

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