Acne Scars + Silicone Injections

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Silicone Injections Before Dermabrasion and Acne Scar Revision?

I have some deep acne scars and superficial irregularities.  I have recently decided to treat deeper scars with silicone microdroplets. ... READ MORE

Is Silicone a Good Filler for Depressed Scars?

I started having acne at 24 and was left with bad scrring since then i have tried everything from fillers to dermabrasion and lasers wich made the... READ MORE

Longevity of Silicone Micro-droplet Injection Results on Acne Scars?

How long will silicone micro-droplet injection last on depressed acne scars? READ MORE

Michigan Doctor Recommendations - Silicone Microdroplets for Severe Acne Scarring

Looking for a facial plastic surgeon that preforms this either in Mi. or near it. Anyone know of one? READ MORE

Swelling After Silicone Microdroplet Treatment?

I had the microdroplet technique for acne scarring 8 weeks ago and still have a small area of swelling on one of my cheeks. The area is about an inch... READ MORE

Can I Use Silicone Microdrop As a Filler for Acne Scars Even Though I Have Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I just recently heard about using silicone microdrop injections as filler for acne scars. I have tried so many things such as Total FX Laser, Fraxel,... READ MORE

IPL Safe After Silicone Injections?

I have acne scarring on my face (redness, ice-pick, and rolling scars) and 4 years ago had micro-droplet silicone injections to improve the rolling... READ MORE

Can You Treat Bacne Scarring with Injectable Silicone?

20 years ago I had a serie of liquid silicone (microdroplet technique) injections to treat my depressed acne scars with wonderful results. Lately I... READ MORE

Is subcision or laser feasible after microdroplet silicone injections for acne scars?

I had my acne scars treated with microdoplet silicone injection by a reputable and very experienced dermatologist in New York city. He assured me that... READ MORE

Is it safe to try saline injections for acne scars after I have already had microdroplet silicone injections in the past?

I have had Microdroplet silicone injections a few years ago for acne scarring and did not see much improvement. I was wanting to try saline injections... READ MORE

Are microdroplet silicone injections safe?

Assalaamo-alaikum. Thanks to Dr Fox and Dr Pichler for answering my previous query. I'm 38, female, and Pakistani. I have acne scars, not deep, but... READ MORE

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