5 Years Post-op + Silicone Injections

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Some doctors say yes and a lot say no. Can silicone buttock injections be removed? Liposuctioned out?

Some doctors say yes and a lot say no. Once and for all, are silicone injections on the buttocks removable, if need be? Is it possible to have... READ MORE

I had silicone butt injections 5 years ago. Silicone Buttock Injections Be Removed?

 I have heard of one girl I knew years ago that got “Biogel” in Columbia, and had problems within a month. When she got back in the US, they say... READ MORE

Bumps in One Side of the Upper Lip Because of a Silicon Injections? (photo)

I had a silicon injection in my upper lip 5 years ago ....it seems that the silicon seeped in one side and made a bump in my upper lip from inside ...... READ MORE

I had about 100ccs of "silicone" (type unknown) injected in my buttocks in 2008. How much time do I have left?

Every time I bring this up to a doctor rather than helping me with a solution, instead I get lectured me on how I made a horrible choice and should... READ MORE

Is Silicone Microdroplet Technique on the nose safe in the hands of a highly experienced and qualified plastic surgeon?

5 years ago I had rhinoplasty. In two follow-up visits, the surgeon used the microdroplet technique to inject liquid silicone into one side of my nose... READ MORE

Can silicone be removed from my butt?

5 years ago I injected silicone on my butt with a non certified doctor which I regret so much doin, ever since it has gone down my legs, its hard and... READ MORE

I had some kind of liquid injected to my full legs and butt; can I get it removed? About how much does it cost? (Photo)

I had my full legs injected about 5 years ago and the butt about a year ago my right upper leg has been hurting about 6 months ago I have been having... READ MORE

I had liquid silicon injected into my lips 5 years ago. What type of filler would be compatible with it?

Hi, I.ve had liquid silicon injected into my lips 5 years ago over 6 sessions. The result was great, but now, the volume is starting to fade So I was... READ MORE

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