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Are They Done Settling? (photo)

Hello, I'm 6 weeks post op (from 36 A to 400cc Sientra anatomicals) and am wondering if my implants are done settling. They seem to be full at the... READ MORE

What size will I end up going from 34A with 350cc Sientra classic anatomical shape? (Photo)

I am 13 hours post op. I guess I'm swollen but I am wondering how much size I'll end up with after I heal. I was a deflated A/B had sientra classic... READ MORE

Do Sientra classic anatomical 350cc under muscle get more pliable and appear bigger once my muscles settle over implant? (photo)

I am 5 days post and I already have little to no swelling. They are hard though and fairly close to the chest wall. Wonder if I should have gone 400cc... READ MORE

Teardrop smaller then round equal ccs?

I am getting 400ccs sientra Classic anatomical on Friday. 400 scares me but my bwd is 12.2/13 so 400 works best for a little extra cleavage. I was... READ MORE

How much do sientra anatomical textured ovalbase hp implants actually drop and how much volume do you lose as swelling subsides?

I had my BA Jan 15 and I absolutely love them! I had 370cc sientra textured shaped oval based hp implants placed under the muscle. I was hoping for a... READ MORE

Reducing and Changing to Anatomicals For Smallest Implants For My BWD?

I have opportunity to try anatomicals. Had 450cc HP round silicone Mentors implanted in May. Will I have saggy skin if I explant? PS chose textured... READ MORE

Do you think my right implant has rotated? (photo)

Are these pictures enough, should I take more? My PS says I am fine but I disagree so I'm hoping to see another PS soon & have a revision - 14 months... READ MORE

Would 370cc be too large for me? I was recommended Sientra Round Anatomical implants, subglandular/inframmary placement. (photo)

I have 3 breastfed babies and I am looking to regain the volume I have lost in my breasts. I currently wear a 34D from Victoria's Secret so I think I... READ MORE

When implanted is there a noticeable difference in softness between Sientra anatomical & smooth round silicone implants? (Photo)

I'm 5'5, 120 lbs, have a 12.5 bwd, and currently wear 32A. My potential plastic surgeon suggested a 350 cc Sientra anatomical implant to achieve the... READ MORE

Breast augmentation 3 weeks ago. Do I need a lift? Sientra textured, 425cc, anatomical, submuscular. (Photo)

I am almost 3 weeks post op. I started as an A cup with lower positioned nipples. At my consult my surgeon said that I did not need a lift. I feel... READ MORE

When debating between 2 implant sizes that are within allowable limits for my body, should I err on the side of the larger size?

I've met with my surgeon and shared my goals. I am 5' 10", 135# and currently a 34A. I'd like to be a full C with a very natural looking result. We... READ MORE

Post op massage for Sientra anatomical?

I am two weeks post op from breast augmentation. I have 270cc Sientra anatomical implants. (round base, high profile). My doctor said to start... READ MORE

Options for sientra anatomical implant asymmetry. (photos)

I have 425 cc anatomical implants I am happy with the shape of my right breast, but not so much with the left. I'm wondering what my options may be to... READ MORE

Has anyone experienced a Sientra or any other anatomical implant rotate? Are the round Sientras less cohesive?

I have been recommended Sientra anatomical implants. I am concerned with the likelihood of rotation. Have any of you seen this happen to a patient?... READ MORE

Did I pick the wrong implant?I told my doc I wanted to be able to get in shape w/o worrying about implant future changes.(photo)

Very little breast tissue to start with. Chose Sientra textured anatomical 350/400cc. Very active girl. Few weeks post op, felt ripple in side of... READ MORE

Size after 350 Sientra anatomical gel implants? (Photo)

Hello, thank you for your help! I am scheduled to have 350 Sientra anatomical gel implants and I never ended up discussing with my PS how big of a cup... READ MORE

Left breast misshapes, still numb and 1 year post op, what's going on?! (photos)

I am officially a year post op now. I am so frustrated. I have 400cc Sientra anatomicals. Multiple kids. We knew i might need a lift we decided... READ MORE

Will my implants drop? 3.5 weeks 450cc gummy bear Sientra anatomical implants. (photos)

My concern is that while swelling has decreased immensely, they have not dropped- at all. I can still feel some loose breast tissue at the bottom of... READ MORE

Sientra 350cc Implant, will it drop and fluff? I'm 10 days post op. (photos)

My Pre-op stats, 42 yrs old, 107lbs, 5'3", 12cm BWD, 32A/B BA on 6/1/17 using Sientra textured Anatomical 350cc 10 days post-op: measured at 32DD at... READ MORE

What should I do about my capsular contracture with Sientra anatomicals? Was my PS negligent in decision making w/o me?

Dec 14, went to reputable PS and decided on Sientra anatomical, oval, HP 370 implants in both submusc. On the day of, the anesthesiologist came in... READ MORE

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