10 days post-op + Septoplasty

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Septo/rhinoplasty Turbinates Spreader Graphs - Perth, AU

Consultation was ok, showed Mr Imani photos of desired shape he said can be done. We discussed the width being increased as my breathing is bad and the cartilage collapsed. Day of surgery I could breath well and and could notice an improvement. Now as I write this day 11 and after my cast... READ MORE

He is outstanding beyond words!!

Had a septoplasty and functional rhinoplasty with him 2 weeks back. He is beyond outstanding - such an incredible combination of surgical genius and off the charts patient care and compassion. Mine was an incredibly difficult case. I had a caudal septal deviation (which is much harder to fix),... READ MORE

30 Years Old and I Can Finally Breathe - Bountiful, UT

I have struggled with breathing through my nose for over ten years. And 3 years ago I kept getting sick every 6 weeks always starting out with a sinus infection. My doctor told me I should see and ENT. I wanted someone who was considered the best. After doing a lot of research I decided on Dr.... READ MORE

22 Years Old with Really Bad Deviated Septum and Breathing Problems - Glendale, CA

I couldn't be happier with how everything about my first surgery went. The hospital staff during surgery day were amazing with the care they gave me from the minute I got there until the second I left. Doctor Yevrouian did a great job fixing my nose and helping me breathe better then ever. He... READ MORE

28 Year Old Septoplasty, Sinus, and Turbinate Reduction - Lexington, SC

I broke my nose years ago and have had increasingly severe upper respiratory infections since. Eventually I got to the point of being on antibiotics almost year round and constantly just feeling awful and run down. Constant drainage, pressure, trouble sleeping. So, I saw Dr. King. After I... READ MORE

Dr. Nicolette Picerno in Denver is Not Only a Fantastic ENT and Plastic Surgeon, but a Wonderful Person! - Denver, CO

Injury: Fractured nose and deviated septum. Cons- few days down, exhaustion, some numb upper teeth for a few days, stuffy nose (felt like bad head cold) and just general discomfort for a few days. Benefits of the surgery - awesome breathing and straight nose. Open reduction nasal septal... READ MORE

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