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I Can Only Breathe from One Side of my Nose Which Changes Day To Day, What's The Cause?

I can only breathe from one side of my nose, and that side changes throughout the day. This has been going on for as long as I can remember. While... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty/septoplasty Post Surgery Trauma?

6 months ago I had septoplasty/rhinoplasty surgery. In the last few days my nose felt great, almost completely normal. Yesterday a student kicked a... READ MORE

Deviated Septum - will Septoplasty alone straighten my nose? (photo)

I have had multiple traumas to my nose when I was a teenager and my septum has deviated severely as I have grown older (currently 39yo). Will a... READ MORE

Trauma to Nose After Septoplasty?

Will my nose become weaker or more fragile after my septoplasty? for example can i box again? or what would happen if i was asaultted? READ MORE

Would my Septo/rhinoplasty Be Covered by my Insurance?

Hi, I'm 16 years old and my doctor has been talkimg to me about getting a septo/rhinoplasty. Trauma at birth caused my nose to be crooked. My crooked... READ MORE

Nose Trauma Eight Days After Septoplasty/turbinectomy. Is my Surgery Ruined?

I hit my nose fairly hard by running into a doorway when I wasn't paying attention. My nose was stopped up and unbreathable for 4-5 days after the... READ MORE

Could Rhinoplasty Worsen the Nasal Obstruction?

I had a nasal trauma last year and i had my nasal septum deviated to the right side and my nasal bone broken, now I'm suffering from a mild... READ MORE

Trauma after nasal surgery- what are the real chances of it affecting my surgery and how can I help myself?

I had septoplasty bilateral turbinate reduction bilateral nasal valve reconstruction surgery perfomed 10 days ago. My nose was bumped. Can cartilage... READ MORE

How do I fix my breathing problems without changing the shape of the nose?

Help I have been looking at septoplasty pictures (before and after)....and the nose looks BIGGER AND WIDER in most all the after pictures. I have a... READ MORE

How do I know if I have nasal bridge collapse & how would it affect appearance of my nostrils & tip?

I think I have nasal bridge collapse but I am not sure. Had trauma 4 yrs ago & a septorhino last yr and now my nose bridge seems to be almost... READ MORE

CT scan indicates polyps, turbinate hyper-trophy, nasal bone spurs and septal deviation.

I know that i need septoplasty . My concern is would septoplasty remove the bone spur that i have at the top left of my nose . Knowing that it was... READ MORE

Years of allergies and trauma to my nose I need a septoplasty, but would a rhinoplasty be better? (photos)

I have gone to my ent dr and after years of allergies and trauma to my nose I need a septoplasty; however do to so much nose trauma the older i get... READ MORE

Will a septoplasty fix deformity due to facial trauma 10 years ago? Is my turbinate enlarged on one side? Why the hump? (Photo)

CT scan recently revealed a deviated septum with a septal spur + cyst in the floor of right maxillary + concha bullosa & haller cell + mucous... READ MORE

Do most people really breathe freely through both nostrils?

I have had a LOT of trauma to my nose, and used to be able to breathe perfect and great through both. Now my nostrils are really narrow and flimsy and... READ MORE

Is my septum deviated? (photos)

If so is there any way you can tell if it is genetic or trauma based? READ MORE

Can you have symptoms from a nasal fracture nearly 3 months after the trauma? Experiencing in my nose and face

Broke my nose playing rugby. Saw a plastic surgeon who wants to do a septoplasty later this year. Had to delay bc I recently had neck surgery. I've... READ MORE

Trauma to the Nose After Septoplasty 12 Days Post Op?

I got hit with a cake to the face on my birthday after 12 days since my septoplasty.My right nostril had been the blocked one however a few hours... READ MORE

I had surgery on my deviated septum two weeks ago. I hit my nose and was bleeding a lot did I do any real damage to it?

Surgery was two weeks ago I'm having trouble breathing out of right nostril is that do to damage or dried blood. Do you believe I did harm to my surgery READ MORE

What would be the best course to restore breathing, sense of smell & the appearance? (photo)

When I was a child a door was opened onto my nose and it suffered trauma at other points. My sense of smell and breathing is very poor but is made far... READ MORE

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